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Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center

Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center

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106 Pine Bluff Road
Salisbury, MD
(410) 546-5010
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Medical Simulation Education Research at SU

Selected Studies Supporting Medical Simulation Education

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Simulation Center Video
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Produced by Salisbury University student Jeanette Lebarron (1:32)

Ribbon-cutting Ceremony Photo Gallery

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For more information call: 410-543-6175

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Simulation experiences typically involve high-fidelity medical mannequins which can be remotely controlled to enact planned scenarios replicating various clinical events. The simulation experiences are video-recorded (typically with multiple cameras) for later review by instructor and students. Alternatively, ‘standardized patients’ (trained actors) may interact with student clinicians and portray various illnesses (e.g. mental health symptoms). The interactions between student and ‘standardized patient’ are filmed for review and feedback.

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The SIM Center is located within walking distance, one block south of the main campus.

Medical Simulation and Human Performance Center

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