Students attend classes Monday through Friday mornings for four hours each day. Attendance is strictly required. Program enrollment is limited to 40 students and classes average about 10 students. Since space is limited, it is very important to apply early. In addition to coursework, students are encouraged to participate in cultural and social activities in the community and to take advantage of the extracurricular afternoon instruction in the Andean language, dance, music and cooking.

In Spanish

Spanish 105
Optional Practicum
1 hour credit

A short course in survival Spanish for non-language students with little or no Spanish..

Elementary Spanish I  101
3 hours credit

Beginning spoken and written Spanish with emphasis on the sound system and the basic structure of the language.  

Elementary Spanish II 102
Intermediate Spanish
3 hours credit

A continuation of skills development in spoken and written Spanish with further study of major structures. Prerequisite: SPAN 101 or at least one year of high school Spanish.

Intermediate Spanish I  201
3 hours credit

Continued development and refinement of language skills with emphasis on reading, writing and vocabulary development.  Prerequisite: SPAN 102 or at least two years of high school Spanish.

Spanish 202
Intermediate Spanish II
3 hours credit

A course for the continued development and refinement of the language skills with emphasis on reading, writing and vocabulary development. Prerequisite: SPAN 201 or at least three years of high school Spanish.

Spanish 310
Oral and Written Composition
3 hours credit

Develops facility to sustain oral and written discussion in Spanish.  Students practice the basic patterns of Spanish syntax and develop vocabulary by preparing frequent oral and written compositions. Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent experience.

Spanish 312


3 hours credit

Develops confidence and correctness in spoken Spanish through practice in conversation, reports and discussions.  Prerequisite: Spanish 310 or equivalent experience.


Spanish 316
Elements of Latin American Culture
3 hours credit

A study of cultural patterns with particular attention given to the results of the transformation of Spanish culture through its transplantation to the New World. Prerequisite: Spanish 310 or equivalent experience.

Spanish 336
Survey of Latin American Literature
3 hours credit

Study of the evolution of Latin American literature.  Provides students with the opportunity to read, analyze, discuss and write about seminal works by representative writers from each literary movement and genre.  Pre/Co-requisite: Spanish 310.

In English

CMAT 300


3 hours credit
This course will be taught by Dr. Bryan K. Horikami from Salisbury University.  Students will have an understanding of how differences in cultural backgrounds influence various communication situations.  Students will engage in the practice of intercultural communication in a Latin American context and compare these experiences with other cultures through class readings, discussions, and lectures.




3 hours credit
This course presents a critical and thematic introduction to the modern history of Latin America, focusing primarily on the twentieth century. We will address the major political, cultural, economic, and social changes the region has experienced in the past century, including urbanization, insurgent political revolutions, democratization, and social movements. Course readings will emphasize primary documents, including literature and film, but will also introduce students to the secondary historical literature

MDFL 248
Studies in Contemporary Culture: Latin American Women
3 hours credit

A study in ENGLISH of Latin American women and gender issues of the Andean people of Ecuador. This course also has a one hour per day Spanish language component. Prerequisite:  SPAN 105





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