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Fraternity & Sorority Life

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Conduct and Statement on Unrecognized Organizations

Sanctioned Organizations

Recognized fraternity and sorority student organizations are held to high standards at Salisbury University.  There are times when an organization fails to meet the expectations of either locally (Salisbury University organization policies and regulations), and/or their national office standards.  When that occurs, the organization may receive sanctions.  Any current organization under sanctions is listed below.  If you have any questions, you may contact the Office of Student Activities, Organizations, and Leadership at 410-543-6125.

  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity: Sigma Alpha Epsilon is on probation through the end of Spring Semester 2017. Any violations during the probationary time could result in suspension of the fraternity

Statement on Unrecognized Organizations

These organizations have had their recognition revoked by the institution for various reasons, including such things as hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, risk management violations, and failure to comply with University policies and expectations. These organizations have in almost all cases also had their charter suspended by their international organization because they were not upholding fraternal values and were engaging in risky behaviors that endangered the members and other students. The following groups have lost recognition in the past five years:

  • Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity:  Suspended by National organization through Spring 2017.
  • Phi Beta Sigma:  Suspended by the University through Spring semester 2017; eligible at the end of the Spring 2017 semester for review to return as an active student organization for the Fall 2017 semester.  If reinstated, Phi Beta Sigma will remain on probationary status until the end of the Spring 2018 semester.
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity: Suspended by University and National organization through Summer 2015.

WARNING: Some organizations that were once recognized fraternities or sororities on campus may continue to operate underground despite having lost recognition from the University.  Contact the Division of Student Affairs (410-543-6080) if you have any questions about whether or not the group you may want to join is recognized or if you would like more information.

The information provided above may be subject to, and in some instances limited by, federal and state privacy laws.

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SU Fraternity & Sorority Mission Statement

Salisbury University fraternities and sororities, rich in history and tradition, dedicated to the betterment of all who come in contact with us , will strive for excellence in all aspects of fraternal life. The privileges and obligations of membership, taken under oath through Ritual, bind us to our respective Chapters and to the greater Greek Community. In support of the Salisbury University Mission, we are committed to the fulfillment of the following core values:

To demonstrate a genuine concern for mankind though civic engagement, community relations, service and philanthropic outreach, and personal and organizational accountability.

To provide an inter-fraternal family of caring brothers and sisters, welcoming and respectful of all who seek life-long unity.

To maximize the potential of the Community through self-governance, collaboration, role-modeling, risk management and ethical decision-making.

Personal Growth
To contribute to the self-development of each member through Ritual, maintenance of values, co-curricular involvement, career preparation and healthy lifestyle choices.

To promote intellectual growth and academic excellence through the recruitment of quality students, scholastic programming, educational support and recognition opportunities. 

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