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Academy For Leadership In Education

ALE Testimonials

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"When I was notified that I had been recommended for the Academy for Leadership in Education (ALE), I was unsure about whether to accept the offer and what the program would entail. Any uncertainty I had about becoming a member of the 2016-2018 cohort was dispelled after only five minutes of hearing from the leaders. It only took that initial conversation for me to see that this two-year program in leadership would be different from any other professional development opportunity I have experienced. The leaders spoke about the vision and mission of the ALE program and effectively invited us to join them on this journey of discovery, growth, and development. Throughout the initial session, it was evident that Dr. Siers, Ms. Malone, and Dr. Allen had spent countless hours in planning and preparation for this session and those to come. Each part of the day flowed seamlessly into the next with a balance of networking, relationship-building, explanation of content, and clarity of verbiage and vision; every detail of the day exuded intentionality. With just this initial session completed, thus far, I am already seeking to clarify my leadership and search out the areas in which my understanding and operational practices need to shift and grow. I look forward to every step of this journey over the course of the next two years."
     -Lauren Monroe, Member of the 2016-2018 ALE Cohort

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