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Repeat Grade / Audit Policy

Repeat Grade Policy

Federal regulations specify that students may receive federal financial aid funding for one repetition of a previously passed course. The regulation limits the number of times a student can receive financial aid for repeating coursework.

Examples of repeated coursework that MAY count towards a student's enrollment status for purposes of determining federal financial aid eligibility are listed below:

  • Repeated coursework may be included if the student withdrew (W) or received a failing grade (F). A student may repeat a failed course until it is passed.
  • Repeated coursework may be included when determining enrollment status in a term-based program if a student needs to meet an academic standard for a particular passed course, such as a minimum grade.  Ex: Student received a "D" in a course which requires a minimum grade of "C" for his/her major.

Examples of repeated coursework that MAY NOT count towards a student's enrollment status for the purpose of determining federal financial aid eligibility are listed below:

  • Retaking a passed course more than once.  If a student receives a "C" in a course and decides to repeat the course to improve his/her GPA, he/she may repeat this passed course ONE time.  However, if the student wants to repeat it a second time, the course would not count towards the student's enrollment status.

Consider the following example:

  • Fall 2017 - A student takes a class and receives a grade of "C" (course is eligible for aid).
  • Spring 2018 - The student repeats the same class (course is eligible for aid).
  • Fall 2018 - The student registers for the same course once again to try for a better grade (course is INELIGIBLE for aid).

In this example, if the student registered for 12 credit hours for fall 2018 and three of those credits represented an ineligible repeated course, then the student's financial aid eligibility would be based on nine credits for that term. This is true regardless of the reason (want or need) for repeating the course. Please note that the student would be billed as full-time.


  • All repeated courses affect financial aid satisfactory academic progress calculations, regardless of whether the student received financial aid or not, all repeated coursework must be counted as attempted credits.
  • Certain course descriptions listed in the Salisbury University Catalog may state that a specific course "must be repeated for degree" or "may be repeated for credit if content differs" (a student may receive financial aid for these courses, regardless if a passing grade has been received, as long as the course content is different).
  • This regulation applies whether or not the student received aid for the earlier enrollments in the course.

Audit Policy

Audited courses are not counted toward your degree requirements and because of that are not counted when determining financial aid eligibility. It is extremely important that you speak with our office before changing course grading options to audit. Your awards may be canceled or reduced if you fail to maintain required enrollment minimums.

For example: If you enroll in 12 credits but 4 of those credits are audited, your financial aid will be based on 8 credits, not 12 credits. Please note that you would be billed as a full-time student in this example.

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