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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for student financial aid at Salisbury University?

All Salisbury University students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at as the first step in applying for student aid each year.


Does Salisbury University require the CSS profile?



What is the Federal school code for Salisbury University?

SU's federal school code is 002091. You will need this when completing the FAFSA.


Should I create an FSA ID?

Yes, you as well as your parent should create an FSA ID. An FSA ID is used to access various U.S. Department of Education systems, for example you will use your FSA ID to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on-line. An FSA ID will also be necessary to complete the on-line electronic Stafford and/or PLUS Loan promissory notes.


How do I create an FSA ID?

Please go to to create an FSA ID.


What is SU's deadline?

For priority funding, students should submit the FAFSA on or after October 1st. The priority funding deadline is March 1st, however some funds will be awarded on a first come-first serve basis. 


How can I apply on October 1st if I don't have my tax returns completed?

The FAFSA requires income from the Prior-Prior Year. For example: You are completing the 2017-2018 FAFSA based on the 2015 Income information.  So, there is no estimation required because the tax returns are already completed.


My mother/father is widowed/single, how do we complete the FAFSA?

Answer the questions about that parent. (You will be providing information about one person) If your widowed parent has remarried, as of the day you sign the FAFSA, answer questions about that parent and the person whom your parent married. (You will providing information about two people)


My parents have divorced/separated, how do we complete the FAFSA?

If your parents have divorced or separated, answer the questions about the parent you lived with more during the past 12 months. If you did not live with one parent more than the other, give answers about the parent who provided more financial support during the last 12 months, or during the most recent year that you actually were supported by a parent. (You will be providing information about one person.) If this parent has remarried, as of the day you sign the FASFA, answer the questions on the rest of this form about that parent and the person whom your parent married. (You will be providing information about two people)


If I don't think I'm eligible for anything, but I still need help, what can I do?

Many people assume that they are not eligible for financial aid due to their family income level. There are many factors in addition to family income used in determining aid eligibility, such as, family size, number of people in college, assets, and parents age are considered when determining a family's ability to pay. Families often lose out on financial aid because they do not fill out the application form.


My Student Aid Report says that I am selected for verification, what is that?

Verification is a process the federal government uses to make sure that the information you reported on your FAFSA is accurate. This prevents ineligible students from receiving aid by reporting false information, and it ensures that eligible students receive all of the aid for which they qualify.

Each year the federal government selects approximately 30% of the applications for verification. Some of these applications are selected because of FAFSA information that is inconsistent; others are chosen at random. Some colleges also choose applications for verification.

In any case, a student whose application is selected must give his or her financial office certain documentation to show that the application information is correct. SU will send you notification of the documents needed for verification.


Once SU receives my FAFSA results, when will I be notified of the amount and type of aid I qualify for?

If you are an incoming Freshman or Transfer student, provided you are admitted by March 1st and your FAFSA results are received by SU by March 1st, notification will begin in early March. If you are a current SU student, notification will begin in June.  Failure to respond to our on-line award notification may result in the cancellation of the offer.


What should I do if my family's financial circumstances change after I apply for financial aid?

If your family's financial circumstances have changed due to the death of a parent, divorce or separation, or loss full time of employment, contact our office.


What if a parent refuses to contribute towards my college education?

In fairness to all students, SU financial aid decisions are based on the ability, and not the willingness, of parents to contribute towards your college education. A financial aid offer will not be adjusted because of a parent's refusal to contribute. The basic concept of student financial aid, as established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Education, is that the student's parents have the primary responsibility for their children's education.


Does SU take into consideration my family's private elementary/high school expenses?

No, in order to be fair to all aid applicants, and because many families would like to, but cannot afford private schooling, SU does not make adjustments to the FAFSA results.


How often do I have to complete the FAFSA?

Your eligibility is determined one award year at a time. Because your circumstances can change greatly from one year to the next, you must complete the FAFSA each year; preferably on or after October 1st.


I will be receiving a scholarship from a local organization. Will this affect the financial aid that I have received?

Many SU students receive scholarships/grants from outside organizations, which is referred to as Outside Aid. This form of aid must be reported to our office. In order to maximize our limited financial aid resources, as well as comply with government regulations, the University sometimes finds it necessary to adjust a student's financial aid based on the Outside Aid that is received. And, if the student receives Outside Aid that exceeds his or her full financial need, as determined by the FAFSA, the amount of that Outside Aid will be used to reduce other awards previously offered for the academic year.


As a potential Incoming student who has been accepted by SU as well as by other institutions, will SU adjust my financial aid if I received a larger financial aid offer from another institution?

No, It is the policy of SU not to negotiate a financial aid offer. Our offer of financial aid is based on an analysis of the information provided by the family, as well as maximizing our limited financial aid resources.


If I still have money left over after paying my bill, what happens to it?

When your total aid is greater than your bill charges, you may be eligible for a refund. Refunds are made available to registered students after all University charges are satisfied. Please be aware that once your aid has been credited to your account it takes approximately 2 weeks before the refund check is available. Provided all paperwork is processed in a timely manner, the first day of classes of each semester is the earliest point to receive a refund.


Are there payment plans?

Yes, please contact our Cashier's Office, 219 Holloway Hall. Phone (410)-543-6060 or Website


Should I use a Scholarship Search Service?

These companies are not recommended. Many have been found to be fraudulent at worst and misleading at best. Don't be fooled by the money-back guarantee. It is virtually impossible to get your money back. The services provided by these companies can be done on your own over the internet or by researching scholarship publications at the library.


I already have a first bachelor's degree, can I receive a Pell Grant?

No, Federal Pell Grants are awarded only to undergraduate students who have not yet earned a bachelor's degree.


I obtained an in-school deferment form from my lender, which office at SU processes these forms?

Loan deferment forms are processed by our Registrar's Office, 120 Holloway Hall. Phone (410)-543-6150.


I was not offered Federal Work Study on my Award Notification, can I still work at SU?

Yes, SU has a program called Work Experience. Work Experience offers employment opportunities, to all SU students, to help defray the costs of attendance. (the financial situation of the family is not a condition of eligibility for employment!) For more information please contact the Work Experience Office, Phone: (410)-543-6216 or Website:


How much will my books cost?

SU estimates that students will spend approximately $1300 a year on book purchases. Students can purchase their books approximately two weeks before the beginning of the semester.

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