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Scholarship Policies

Scholarship Offer/Acceptance:

  • Scholarship recipients are required to pay the admissions deposit by the formal deadline (May 1 for incoming fall students) to secure funding for any scholarships or institutional aid that has been offered. Students cancelling admission, either formally or through non-payment of their admission deposit by the deadline, forfeit any awarded scholarship dollars and/or institutional aid.
  • Scholarship awards for incoming freshmen are based primarily on SAT/ACT scores as well as high school grade point average (GPA). Salisbury University will continue to consider updates to these measures for incoming students until the May 1 deposit deadline for the possibility of increased scholarship funding as a result of an increase in academic credentials.
  • Salisbury University will not award or disburse a combined total of federal, state, institutional and/or private scholarships that exceeds a student's cost of attendance unless all of the funding comes from a private external source. The cost of attendance is a standardized budget including tuition, fees, room, board, and allowances for indirect costs such as books, transportation and personal expenses. Whenever a student's total aid package exceeds the cost of attendance, the Financial Aid Office will adjust or reduce aid offered by the university.

Scholarship Continuance:

  • Continued scholarship eligibility will be monitored at the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters. Students must meet satisfactory academic progress standards as defined in the financial aid policy. In addition, recipients must maintain the required minimum GPA, complete a minimum of 24 credits per academic year (30 credits for Perdue Scholarship recipients) and in some cases remain in an eligible major for their particular scholarship for continued eligibility. Scholarship funding for students who fail to meet the minimum required standards will be terminated with the exception of first-semester freshmen. First-semester freshmen who have achieved a minimum 2.0 GPA at the conclusion of the fall semester will be permitted to receive their scholarship funding for one additional semester, after which they must be meeting minimum requirements for continued scholarship eligibility. A termination letter will be sent to any student whose scholarship is terminated.
  • Scholarships will be paid to a student for a maximum of eight consecutive fall and spring semesters. A student who finishes his/her course of study in less than eight semesters or transfers to another institution will not receive a refund of unused scholarship monies or an increase in their award amount for the enrolled semesters.
  • For most undergraduate scholarships, continuous full-time enrollment is required to retain the scholarship. Full-time enrollment is defined as enrolling 12 or more credits for each fall and spring semester.
  • Most scholarships may be used while studying abroad for up to two semesters.

Scholarship Cancellation/Deferment:

  • A student who withdraws, cancels, becomes inactive, or is suspended or dismissed from the University will forfeit his/her scholarship eligibility for future semesters. Students who are withdrawn completely from classes during the tuition refund period will have their scholarship and institutional aid (which also includes tuition waivers for Non-Resident Nursing Students, Foster Care Recipients, and Unaccompanied Homeless Youth) prorated based on the tuition proration schedule.
  • Students may request deferment of their scholarship if attendance is interrupted for medical reasons, military deployment or other documentable reasons. To be considered for deferment, the student must be meeting the minimum requirements for the scholarship at the time of the request. Enrollment at another college or university during the deferment period will result in an automatic cancellation of the scholarship. To request a deferment, students must submit a Scholarship Deferment Request Form (with documented support) to the Director of Financial Aid prior to the period of non-attendance. Scholarship funding may be deferred for a maximum of two academic semesters.

Scholarship Reinstatement:

  • Students have the right to appeal for reinstatement of previously terminated scholarship funding. Students must again be meeting the minimum required scholarship standards to request reinstatement of scholarship funding. Students who are meeting the minimum scholarship criteria within two semesters (fall/spring) of the discontinuance of their scholarship for academic reasons can file a Request for Scholarship Reinstatement Form with the Director of Financial Aid to request reinstatement. Reinstatement is considered on a case by case basis and is dependent on available funding.

Scholarship Policies last updated on 9/30/2015.

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