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Transfer Admissions

Academic Requirements For Transfer Applicants

SU Academic Requirements

About General Education

All students seeking a bachelor’s degree from SU are required to complete a series of courses that span several disciplines; this program is called General Education. General Education promotes intellectual development and provides students with a common ground of understanding and competence for meeting the challenges of today’s world as educated individuals.

General Education Requirements

While every SU student must complete requirements in each of the Group I-IV categories, how the requirements are fulfilled varies from major to major. The following provides you an overview of what courses are required for General Education.

Group I – English Composition and Literature 
(2 courses)

  1.  ENGL 103 – Research and Composition 
  2. 1 literature course 
    For example, but not limited to, Understanding Poetry, Studies in English Literature, African-American Literature

Group II – History 
(2 courses)

  1. HIST 101 World Civilization I OR HIST 102 World Civilization II 
  2. Any of the above courses not already taken or any history course above HIST 103 
    Elementary and Early Childhood Education Majors Please Note: Group IIA must be HIST 101 or HIST 102; Group IIB must be any history course above HIST 103.

Group III – Humanities & Social Sciences
(3 courses)

  1. Select one course from one of the following areas: 
    CMAT – Communication Arts 
    DANC or THEA – Dance or Theater (not both) 
    MDFL – Modern Foreign Languages 
    For example, but not limited, to Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, sign language. 
    MUSC – Music 
    PHIL – Philosophy 
  2. Select one course from one of the following areas: 
    ANTH – Anthropology 
    CADR – Conflict Analysis Dispute Resolution 
    ECON – Economics 
    GEOG – Human Geography 
    POSC – Political Science 
    PSYC – Psychology 
    SOCI – Sociology 
  3. Select one course from either Group III A or III B 
    (course must be from a different area then previously selected). 
    For example, Elementary Spanish I (SPAN 101) will satisfy Group IIIA (humanities) and General Psychology (PSYC 101) will satisfy Group IIIB (social science);to satisfy Group IIIC select one more course from EITHER IIIA or IIIB, except SPAN or PSYC courses.

Group IV – Natural Science, Math and Computer Science 
(4 courses)

  1. Select courses with laboratories from at least two of the following four areas (at least six credit hours total): 
    BIOL – Biology 
    CHEM – Chemistry 
    GEOL OR Physical GEOG – Geology or Physical Geography PHYS – Physics 
    For example, a biology course with a lab and a physics course with a lab will satisfy this requirement. However, two chemistry courses with labs will not satisfy Group IVA because they represent the same discipline. 
  2. Select one additional course (need not be a lab) from: 
    Group IVA 
    COSC – Computer Science 
    MATH – Mathematics 
    Any lab or non-lab science disciplines listed in Group IVA or a computer science or math course may be used to satisfy this requirement. 
  3. Select one MATH course 
    Group V – Health Fitness 
    (1 course) 
    All students must complete PHEC 106 Personalized Health/Fitness

Check the Checklist

Frequently, some General Education requirements are met by your major requirements; they will be indicated as “Fulfilled by Major” in the General Education section of your intended major’s checklist. To view a checklist of requirements for your intended major and to see how General Education fits into your program of study, visit:

If in Doubt, Go to the Catalog

If you aren’t sure if a course meets General Education requirements, refer to the University catalog where the course descriptions indicate if the course meets General Education requirements and if so, which group. The catalog is available online

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