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Academic Advising Center

Academic Advising Center

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The Academic Advising Center at Salisbury University is dedicated to providing students with assistance in achieving their academic goals. All first semester full-time students are assigned a professional academic advisor to assist them through their first year.

Once a student transitions to their sophomore year, they will be assigned a faculty member from within their discipline as their academic advisor.

Faculty & Special Program Mentors

SU is proud to offer a wide range of special programs. In order to assist students with navigating the intricacies of these programs, many specialized majors, programs, and colleges will have a secondary advisor or program mentor assigned. Examples include dual-degree programs, secondary education, the Honors College, and more.  

Advising Services Coordinators

Advising Services Coordinators (or ASCs) are responsible for providing individual schools within Salisbury University with advising support. Students may be referred by their academic advisor to the ASC for their school for help with specific issues. 

Professional Academic Advisors

Professional Academic Advisors are assigned to each full-time first time (or "Freshman") college student. The academic advisor is responsible for assisting the student with understanding degree requirements, planning coursework, and developing their understanding of academia at the university level.

You can find your advisor by logging into GullNet, selecting your Student Center, and looking for the “Advisor” box on the right-side of the page.

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