Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution
Holloway Hall

Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution

The Department of Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution (CADR) is a unique “program of distinction” that awards a Bachelors of Arts and a Master of Arts in CADR.  The department, in conjunction with the Center for Conflict Resolution, Inc. offers students a multidisciplinary, practical and applied approach to teaching and training.  The CADR program balances core concepts in conflict models, theory and research, linking these to practical applications in the field of conflict analysis and dispute intervention.

Center for Conflict Resolution 'Teaching Hospital' Model

Through the Center for Conflict Resolution, which is the practice, research and training wing of the program, CADR excels in providing students with unique mentored extracurricular activities, programs and projects.  The academic and clinical faculty work closely with students, ensuring that each students gains valuable hands-on experience in the field, specifically tailored to their individual career goals.

The Center, through its commitment to student learning, has sent students around the world to study and conduct conflict-analysis and intervention research.  The Center and CADR adopt a 'teaching hospital' model consisting of three wings: teaching, research and practice.  Students are fully engaged in all three activities, via supervised mentoring by either CADR faculty and/or Center staff. 

 The synergistic impact of the teaching hospital model has led graduates of this program to undertake impressive post graduate careers in the field and to be accepted into leading graduate programs.

What can I do with a CADR Degree?

CADR majors are equipped for careers in a wide variety of fields including, but not limited to: mediation in a variety of settings (i.e. education, private-sector, health-care, and within the legal system); organizational management; human-resource management; law enforcement and work with courts; both domestic and international NGOs; non-profit organizations; and governmental agencies. 

Students have also found that CADR makes an excellent double major or minor to supplement their skills in other disciplines.  We have found that CADR compliments the following areas of study as a double major: Communication Arts, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Environmental Health, Environmental Issues, History, Information Systems, International Studies, Management, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology.

Ultimately, CADR students develop strong analytical and practical skills to better understand and respond to conflict dynamics at all levels of human interaction.  Developing skills to better deal with conflict and to understand the dynamics involved will be useful no matter what profession you find yourself in.

One Person Can Make a Difference Lecture Series

Since 2001 the Center for Conflict Resolution has hosted the “One Person Can Make a Difference” lecture series. It provides the campus and Salisbury community with a unique opportunity to spend an evening with individuals who have walked off the pages of world history.  Each person in the lecture series provides a first person account of some of the most inspiring stories of our age, focuses our attention on the power of creative problem solving, non-violent action and power of the spoken word.

CADR Master's Program

In Fall 2009, SU launched a Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution. Please visit our Master of Arts site (linked above) for more information on the program.