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SU Career Services Employer Guidelines


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SU is pleased that you are interested in recruiting and hiring students from Salisbury University. SU provides services to help you select the right students for your vacancies. SU has services for both undergraduate and graduate students. As far as recruitment policies and procedures, SU schedules students on a semester system, with students graduating in May and December. SU offers assistance to employers and individuals in accordance with the Principles of Professional Conduct for Career Services Professionals which is outlined by NACE, The National Association of Colleges and Employers. If there is an issue with any of the following guidelines or use of Salisbury University facilities, the Director of the SU Career Center will make the final determination. Services can be revoked if these policies or the NACE Principles are violated.

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To be eligible for all SU employer programs and services, all employers must abide by the general guidelines listed below. In addition, any other services may have additional requirements and will be reviewed at the time of the request.

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  • Employers must refrain from using alcohol in recruiting activities.
  • Employers must be familiar with and abide by all applicable Salisbury University Campus Policies and Procedures.
  • When reserving facilities for recruitment purposes, employers must contact SU Career Services to reserve those facilities or services.
  • Employers must abide by the Principles of Professional Conduct for Career Services Professionals outlined by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE).
  • Employers has to adhere to the Department of Justice’s Immigration and Nationality Act, which prohibits citizenship status and national origin discrimination with respect to hiring, termination, and recruiting or referring for a fee.
  • Employers must abide by federal and Maryland Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) guidelines.
  • Any tests administered on campus must be validated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Employment offers must be good-faith positions that require no further conditions (i.e., passing an examination at the end of a brief training period) other than continued satisfactory performance of duties and responsibilities contained in the job description.
  • Employers must provide valid contact information including an organizational email account.
  • Employers using personal (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.) email accounts must provide verification of what students will be required to do. Typically employers will use their employer email address which is what we would expect. Using SU services for their own personal service is prohibited.
  • Positions posted cannot be multi-level or pyramid marketing opportunities.
  • Employers cannot use student interns to "mine" for contacts which they can use to grow their own accounts.
  • Career-related positions may not be for domestic employment (i.e. babysitting, gardening, driving, and house cleaning).
  • Employment offers must not be dependent upon candidates paying fees related to confirming employment.
  • Organizations promoting opportunities for students to become independent contractors or to start their own businesses are ineligible to participate in SU services.
  • SU can require employers to verify compensation (salary or hourly wages) to determine if vacancies are appropriately classified and qualify for specific SU services.
  • Employers must fully disclose to SU and students/alums the structure of their compensation packages and business costs incurred through employment.
  • Employers must not solicit or sell their products or services during the course of recruiting.
  • Employers must ensure that all recruiting professionals are trained and understand how to professionally represent their employer.

Please contact the Director of SU Career Services if you have any questions regarding these criteria.

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On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) is a staff-intensive service offered by SU. In order to participate in this program, employers and their related positions must meet the following criteria:

  • Employers must adhere to all eligibility requirements listed in the section above.
  • Employers may only interview SU students when using SU facilities.
  • Employers using third-party recruiting organizations are allowed to use this service if the third-party recruiter conducts business under the employing organization’s name.
  • Employers recruiting for full-time, career-related positions may use these services if a college degree is a requirement for employment.
  • Employers recruiting for commission-only positions must make this known in all marketing of their position openings.


  • OCR provides employers the opportunity to connect with SU students to interview on campus for vacancies within their organizations.
  • SU utilizes Career Connections, an online career services management system to coordinate OCR.
  • SU Career Services has an employer suite which maintains 2 interview rooms and a classroom/networking facility that can be used for information sessions, conferences, etc.     
  • When required, interviews may be scheduled at other on-campus sites due to space constraints.
  • We encourage employers to reserve recruiting dates as soon as possible so that we may accommodate you on your preferred date.
  • Interview space is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Most campus interviews are 30 minutes in length, although you may request other lengths of time.
  • The typical interview schedule begins at 8:30 a.m., with morning and afternoon breaks, and concludes at 4:00 p.m.
  • Additional breaks and time changes to the day may be scheduled at your request prior to the day of the interview.
  • We provide you the choice between open or prescreening student sign-up schedules
  • Open Sign-Up means that students who meet your qualifications sign-up on a first-come, first- served basis.
  • Prescreening allows you to review the resumes of students who have applied and determine which students you want to interview.


  1. Go to this website-
  2. Look on the left side of the page under "Recruit SU Students".  Select the "Career Connections" link.
  3. Login (if you are a new employer click on "Click here to register".  Once you are logged in click on the "My On-Campus Interview Schedules" and click on "New Schedule Request" to setup an interview schedule.  Follow the directions to complete the process.
  4. Most campus interviews are 30 minutes in length, although you may request other lengths of time.
  5. The typical interview schedule begins at 8:30 a.m., with breaks from 10:00-10:15, lunch-11:45-1:00 and 3:00-3:15 p.m., and concludes at 4:45 p.m., thus allowing you to interview thirteen students per schedule.
  6. Additional breaks and changes to the day may be scheduled at your request.
  7. We offer you the choice between open or prescreening student sign-up schedules.
    • Open Sign-Up means that students who meet your qualifications sign-up on a first-come, first-    served basis.
    • Prescreening allows you to review the resumes of students who have indicated an interest in your positions and total or partial preselecting of students in advance of your campus interviews.
  8. You will be sent a confirmation email (usually in 2-4 business days) as to when and where the interviews are held.

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  • Employers must adhere to all eligibility requirements listed in Section I of this document.
  • Employers arranging to use SU or other University facilities must speak solely with students from Salisbury University who are eligible for services from SU. Exceptions to this policy may be requested from the Director when you schedule your information session. SU has the right to request the names of individuals attending any SU or SU-sponsored program.


  • Information sessions will introduce students to your organization, allowing you to interact with students both formally through presentations and informally through receptions and networking.
  • Information sessions can be official (scheduled through SU Career Services) and unofficial (scheduled at an off-campus location).
  • SU Career Services will promote off-campus information sessions if employers agree to abide by all eligibility requirements listed in Section I. Most noteworthy, employers should note that alcohol is prohibited at any recruiting event.
  • Please give us 3 weeks prior to scheduling your information session to allow time to secure facilities and promote the event.
  • You may use our employer suite, including audio-visual equipment, free of charge if it is available.
  • After hours, SU facilities are typically reserved in two-hour increments allowing for one-hour information sessions:

    After Hours Session
  • If our facility is not available, we can schedule your session in another room in the University Center.
  • You may also directly schedule at any off campus facility.
  • Your information session will be available online for students to register in Career Connections.
  • We will promote the session to students via email and advertised on campus video monitors.
  • You may also wish to promote your information session through the "Flyer" campus newspaper (the student run newspaper) by contacting the advertising department at: 

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  • Organizations participating in all fairs must adhere to all eligibility requirements listed in Section I of this document.
  • Organizations are required to register online for each event and pay appropriate fees prior to the date of the event. Registration for the fairs will be on a first come first serve basis.
  • Those employers that register first will have the first opportunity to be located downstairs in the Wicomico Room.
  • The job fair registration page is here -


  • Career and education fairs allow organizations (graduate and professional schools and employers) to interact with SU undergraduate and graduate students in an informal fair-like atmosphere with each organization hosting an information table that is staffed by one or more representatives.
  • SU currently hosts several annual career and education fairs including:
    - Fall Business in the Atrium
    - Fall General/Healthcare Job Fair
    - Spring Part-Time Summer Job Fair
    - Spring General/Healthcare Job and Internship Fair
    - Spring Education Job Fair
  • Contact Crystal Dickerson at 410.543.6075 or to learn more about upcoming career and education fairs.

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Employers posting full-time career-related jobs with SU via Career Connections must adhere to all eligibility requirements listed in Section I of this document.

Organizations posting full-time jobs are required to register online through Career Connections and provide the following valid and current contact information:
- Employer Name
- Employer Website
- Contact Name
- Contact Job Title
- Contact Address and Telephone Number
- Contact Email Address

Organizations may post only those vacancies that contain non-discriminatory Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications (BFOQs).

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Employers wishing to fill vacancies within their organizations may post those full-time positions in Career Connections the SU online career management system.

Current students can access Career Connections to review positions posted by employers and apply directly to those organizations.

 Employers may post a variety of career opportunities including but not limited to:
 - Full-time Vacancies
 - Part-time Vacancies
 - Internships (Fall, Spring and Summer)
 - On-Campus Non-Work-Study Positions

Employers wishing to post Full-time Career-related jobs/Summer, Part-time jobs/Jobs to alumni and Internships can do so by logging in to Career Connections at this website:, Login (if you are a new employer click "Click here to register")>My Jobs>New Job

Vacancies must adhere to the standards set forth in Section I.

Contact SU Career Services at 410.543.6075 or at to learn more about posting vacancies.


[Visit the Visitor Parking Pass Registration page to register for visitor parking pass]

  • There is 1 parking spot reserved for recruiter parking on-campus. That space is in front of the Guerrieri University Center. Click here for campus map. There will be a sign in front of the space for Recruiters. On some occasions this spot may be taken by another employer which means it would be advisable to obtain a visitor parking pass. (visit the Visitor Parking Pass Registration page to register for visitor parking pass). The instructions for the free visitor parking pass are below.
  • Visitors MUST DISPLAY a Visitor Parking Pass. The pass may be obtained free of charge from the Parking Services Office or online. If applying online, please submit your request at least 48 hours in advance of your visit.
  • Visitors may park in the Visitor lot in front of Holloway Hall or any legal space designated for red, green, blue or gold permits.
  • Visitors are responsible for all parking violations on campus. Visitors ticketed for “Failure to Register Vehicle” must complete the back of the ticket and return it within 10 days. The first ticket for this violation may be mailed to Parking Services along with a copy of your driver's license and vehicle registration.
  • Visitors are responsible for payment or adjudication of any subsequent parking citations they receive while on campus.

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