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How You Can Increase Your Campus Visibility

Creating and sustaining a positive image on campus is essential for recruiting highly capable and talented Salisbury University students and alumni. To help you enhance your visibility on our campus, The SU Career Services Center has developed the following specialized services.

Services to Increase Employer Visibility
-Kevin Fallon (
-Charlie Endicott (
-Crystal Dickerson (
To discuss any of these options.
Become a Corporate Sponsor Host an Open House
Make Faculty Contacts Host a Faculty Breakfast
Sponsor a Career Services Event Participate in Mock Interviews
Sponsor a Student Event Have Lunch with Faculty
Individual Consultation Present in a Class
Schedule a " Recruiter in Residence" Day Speak in our Career Class
Connect with Student Organizations Register for an Employer Info Session
Participate in our Job/Internship Fairs Request an Employer Info Table
Utilize On-Campus Recruiting Advertise in the Campus Newspaper (The Flyer)

Individual Consultation

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Our Employer Outreach Team is available to discuss your recruitment needs, help you develop effective recruitment strategies, and offer suggestions for increasing employer visibility. To meet with a member of our staff, please call our office at 410.543.6075 or email at

Sponsor a Career Services Event

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Many times employers ask us how they can increase their visibility with students and also support the Career Center's efforts. After much thought we have identified a number of Career Center events you could sponsor. Your sponsorship will provide tremendous visibility on-campus and will give you the chance to be seen all over campus by our 8,000 plus students, faculty and staff.

Sponsor a Student Event

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There are a variety of student events that go on each semester. Many times students struggle to acquire the finances to put on a professional event. There are times when they have had to cancel a program due to a lack of funds. If you would like to sponsor an event, first go look and see which one you wish to sponsor.

Schedule a Recruiter-In-Residence Day

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"Recruiter-In-Residence is exactly what it says. Recruiter or Recruiters will come to campus and participate in a variety of events that range from mock interviews to presenting in classes. We have had Recruiters organize workshops, schedule tables in the Commons, conduct on-campus interviews, etc. It is up to you what you would like to do. Typically the recruiters stay the entire day but there is nothing that says you have to be here all day. There is no fee for this activity. You can click here to go to a form that will provide all the information needed or contact Career Services to arrange this. You can reach Career Services via email at

Connect With Student Organizations

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Foster relationships with students directly by connecting with our large and diverse number of student organizations. Campus organizations may want employers to provide information on their industry, organization, and recruiting procedures, as well as share advice on resume writing, interviewing, and job search strategies. To connect with student organizations, click here. Please select a club you would like to interact with and let us know. Click here to email Career Services.

Utilize "Career Connections" for On-Campus Recruiting

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If your organization has current or anticipated openings, you can participate in on-campus interviews which can be scheduled throughout the academic year. Click here to schedule your on-campus recruiting.

Register for Employer Information Sessions Via Career Connections

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Career Services will make the necessary arrangements for all information sessions. We will reserve rooms and necessary equipment and order refreshments upon request. Students and faculty will be notified of all information sessions. All you, the employer, have to do is complete a short form and everything else is taken care of for you. To register for an Employer Information Session, click here. These events are open to all students. This allows recruiters to schedule interviews with candidates they meet at the information session.

Request an Employer Information Table Via Career Connections

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Create your own personal career fair. Set up a table on campus and talk to students as they walk by about career opportunities available in your organization. Click here to reserve your table through Career Connections.

Host an Open House for Faculty and Students

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One effective way to introduce or re-introduce your organization is to host an open house for faculty and students. More than one company representative is usually present. The event is held informally with a short presentation in a come-and-go format and can be held on- or off-campus. Please email Career Services at to find out more.

Make Faculty Contacts

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The Career Center is happy to help you identify faculty contacts to assist in your recruiting efforts. To get started, please contact the Career Center to help you identify the appropriate school and faculty you need to contact. You can email Career Services at We encourage you to learn more about the various schools and departments within the University by visiting their websites. Click here to visit their websites.

Host an Employer-Faculty Breakfast

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What better way to get know faculty members in a major than to host a breakfast. This provides you the environment to talk to faculty about your organization in a relaxed atmosphere. As you know, faculty are direct links to students and have access to them daily. To set this up, please contact the Career Center at 410-543-6075/email Career Services at

Have Lunch with Faculty

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Remember that you can schedule a lunch with SU Faculty the next time you visit campus. Faculty lunches are a great way to network and to increase your visibility. Please email Career Services at

Present in a Class

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An opportunity to share your unique way of doing business in the "real world" with targeted students. Contact the Office of Career Services at (410)543-6075 or email Career Services at to discuss opportunities. These are scheduled at the convenience and permission of the faculty.

Speak in a Career Planning Class

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Speaking to the Career Planning Class at SU gives you the chance to speak to juniors and seniors from a variety of majors. Typically these students are really focused on their careers and the class is used as a job/internship search class. The class rosters is limited to 20 students. If you are interested, please contact Crystal Dickerson, Employer Relations Manager, at

Why Advertise in The Flyer-the student newspaper?

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1. The Flyer reaches many of the more than 8,000 students, faculty, and staff, and makes available numerous copies at various high traffic locations on campus and downtown.
2. It provides you an outstanding, targeted opportunity to reach more than 8,000 students and make your company very well known on-campus.
Contact Career Services to get in touch with "The Flyer."

Participate in Mock Interviews

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Mock Interviews is a great way to meet some outstanding students and get the word out on campus that you are conducting such a worthwhile event. Students would be required to sign-up for the interviews and you would know how many students you have to interview before coming on-campus. Contact Career Services at
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