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If you are wondering what do you say to an employer or a Mentor, the emails below will provide you with examples of what you may want to say in your email. All you will need to do is change some of the verbiage and you are set to go.

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♦ Click HERE for Job Related Emails

These emails include emails such as Introduction to Employers, Prospecting for Employment, Follow-Up On Job Application, Job Interview Thank You, Withdraw from a Job Search, Decline a Job Offer, and Acceptance Email For a Job

♦ Click HERE for Career Connections Related Emails

These emails include emails such as Career Connections Prospecting For an Internship Email and Career Connections Prospecting For a Job Email

♦ Click HERE for Mentor Related Emails

These emails include emails such as Mentee Email for Employment, Mentee Email for Internship, Mentee Email About Internships Opportunities, Mentee Email Request for Career Insight, Mentee Email Request for General Networking Advice, Mentee Thank You for Career Information Email and Mentee Thank You for Employment Email

♦ Click HERE to View Questions You May Want To Ask During an Information Interview

♦ Click HERE for Internship Related Emails

These emails include emails such as Email Inquiry About Internship Opportunities, Student Email to Mentors About Internships Opportunities, Follow-Up Email for Telephone Internship Inquiry, Follow-Up Email After Sending All Materials, Follow-Up Email for Personal Contact Session for an Internship, Withdraw from an Internship Email, Decline an Internship Offer Email, and Internship Acceptance Email

♦ Click HERE to View What to Say After and Information Session-The Follow-up

♦ Click HERE for Networking Email

♦ Click HERE for Rejection Related Emails

These emails include emails such as Employment Rejection Email and Interview Rejection Email

♦ Click HERE to View What To Use In The Subject Line Of a Job Search Email

♦ Click HERE to View Mini  Commercials 

These mini commercials include activities such as Networking Mini Commercial and Job Fair Mini Commercial

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