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As parents, you may have questions or concerns about your student while he or she is away attending college.  At this developmental point in their lives, issues related to identity development, intimacy, and becoming more autonomous are natural.  There also are stressors inherent to college life such as time management, changing relationships, academic rigor, finances, and decision making.  Also of note is the trend towards growing severity and complexity of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety among college students.  The Counseling Center consists of a psychologist, a social worker and counselors, who are dedicated to helping your student adjust, cope, grow, and succeed.  The information provided at this site has been developed to provide support to you in supporting your student.  Also, a professional mental health care provider is only a phone call away in instances when you would like to consult about any concerns you may have about your student’s functioning or happiness.  Please do call 410 543-6070 so we can help.

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