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Event Category: Ward
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Start Date: Friday, October 25, 2013
End Date: Sunday, February 2, 2014

» Exhibit: A Flight of Science & Magic: The Owl

October 25-February 2
Exhibit: A Flight of Science & Magic: The Owl
Ward Museum, Welcome Gallery
Associated with Halloween due to the solitary, nocturnal habits of most species and their eerie, hooting calls, owls have a fascinating natural history and physical characteristics, as well as a rich cultural presence in symbolism, mythology, and literature. Specialized sight and hearing functions, nearly perfect camouflage, and the ability to fly almost silently make them among the stealthiest night hunters only the large, vividly colored eyes may give them away as they sit in wait and listen for the slightest movement from the forest floor. With 200 species distributed throughout almost every part of the world, the owl is variously believed to be an omen of bad luck, ill health or death, but its use as a symbol for the Greek goddess Athena, noted for art and scholarship, has led to its association with wisdom. This display of art, artifacts, photographs and ephemera explore the natural and cultural history of the owl. Watch the Ward Museums website for family-friendly educational programming to learn more about these not-so-spooky creatures.
Admission: $7, $5 seniors, $3 non-SU students with ID
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