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Siers, Ron
Ph.D., Department Chair
TE 379H, 410-677-5486 or ext. 75486

Andes, Jon
TE 383B, 410-677-5063 or ext. 75063

Beegle, Gwen
TE 379D, 410-543-6393 or ext. 36393

DeWitt, Douglas
Ph.D., Director, Educational Leadership Program
TE 383A, 410-543-6286 or ext. 36286

Finch, Maida
Ph.D., Core Doctoral Faculty

TE 379M, 410-677-0179 or ext. 70179

Franzak, Judith
Ph.D., Ed.D. Program Director
TE 379K, 410-677-0238 or ext. 70238

Groth, Randall
Ph.D., K-12 Secondary Education Coordinator
TE 379R, 410-677-5061 or ext. 75061

Hoffman, Stefani
Administrative Assistant, Ed.D. Program
 TE 379, 410-677-0236 or ext. 7-0236

Imbrenda, Jon-Philip
Ph.D., Core Doctoral Faculty
TE 379Q, 410-677-0181 or ext.

Koomi, Kim
Ph.D., Core Doctoral Faculty
TE 379P, 410- or ext.

Pope, Alexander
Ph.D., Affiliate Doctoral Faculty
TE 278-N, 410-543-6391 or ext.

Royer, Regina
Ed.D., Director, Master of Arts in Teaching
TE 383G, 410-548-3949 or ext. 83949

Stutelberg, Erin
Ph.D., Affiliate Doctoral Faculty
TE 383D, 410- or ext.

Wagner, Diana
Ed.D., Director, M.Ed. Programs
TE 383F, 410-677-5490 or ext. 75490

Weaver, Starlin
TE 383C, 410-548-5787 or ext. 85787

Wiencek, Joyce
Ph.D., Director, Reading Specialtist Program
TE 393E, 410-543-6288 or ext. 36288

Williams, Claire
Program Management Specialist
TE 379G, 410-677-0001 or ext. 70001

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