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Professional Teacher Education Application Questions


My overall GPA is lower than a 2.50, can I still apply to the Professional Teacher Education Program? []
Yes, but to enter the Teacher Education Program your overall GPA must be greater than 2.50, including transfer courses.

My required course GPA is too low, what should I do to bring it up?


One strategy to improve your required course GPA is to re-take pre-professional required program courses. The most recent SU grade counts toward your GPA.


Repeating Courses

Should I repeat a course? []
Pre-professional required program courses with grades lower than C must be repeated. Professional program courses also need a grade of C or higher. When overall GPA drops below 2.50 overall or 2.75 in pre-professional required program courses, classes may need to be repeated. Check with your assigned education advisor for more help.

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Where do I take PRAXIS I? []
PRAXIS I exams can be scheduled on a college campus (paper/pencil) or at a Prometric (Sylvan Learning Center) for on-line exams. Navigate to for more PRAXIS information.
When do I have to pass PRAXIS I? []
PRAXIS I score reports must be submitted to the Teacher Education office (TE 278) prior to preregistration in the semester preceding enrollment in professional education courses.
What are the MSDE equivalents to the PRAXIS I exam? []
Select this link to review Maryland PRAXIS requirements.
I am having trouble passing PRAXIS I, is there help on-campus study help? []
Learning Plus is an on-line tutorial that helps you prepare for PRAXIS I. Contact Kimberly Clark-Shaw, Seidel School of Education Advising Coordinator for an account to get started.
Can I apply to the Professional Teacher Education Program if I have not passed PRAXIS I? []
PRAXIS I must be passed and the scores submitted to the Education Specialties ffice (TE 379) at least two weeks prior to the beginning of a semester. See your assigned education advisor for more information.

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Field Placements

When do I need a field placement? []
Foundations courses (EDUC 210,  EDUC 300) and Methods Part I, Methods Part II and Internship courses require a placement in schools. Paul Gasior, Field Experience Coordinator, will provide you with a school placement. You must complete an on-line placement request for each semester that you are enrolled in a foundations, methods or internship course. Field requests are completed the semester before the placement is needed. Background affirmations are required at the beginning of each academic year and in the semester that you apply for internship.
When do field placements begin? []
Field placements begin at the start of the each semester.
How do I request a field placement? []
Select Field Placement Request to access the online placement information.
How long do I spend at school during my field placements? []
Foundations course (EDUC 210, EDUC 304) placements require 20 hours of observation time for each foundations course.

Spring methods classes require 1/2 day per week in your assigned school.

Fall methods courses  begins the first phase of your year-long internship. Fall methods  placements require one full day per week in your assigned school. The one-hundred day calendar requirement includes both fall and spring placements.

The full-time, 16 week internship semester requires you to fulfill a minimum of 80 days in your assigned school.

Where is the field placement office? []
The Field Experience Office is located in TETC 353. SU ID holders can be picked up in this office.
Should I contact my mentor teacher, if I have not heard from my school? []
E-mail your mentor when you receive the placement information and give them a few days to answer. If no response is received try one more e-mail, then call the school and leave a message for the mentor.


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What exams are required for me to pass? []
Select this link to review Maryland PRAXIS requirements.
Are PRAXIS II exams offered online at prometric (Sylvan Learning) centers? []
Some PRAXIS II exams are offered on-line. Select this link to review Maryland PRAXIS requirements.

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Program Retention

hat happens if my GPA drops below the 2.75 requirement after I am admitted to the program? []
The Program Director will notify you of your program status if your GPA drops below the 2.75 requirement for professional program courses. For more information about program retention for your major see the major requirements for Secondary Education majors.

I earned a "D" in a required professional courses, can I re-take the course?

Required professional program courses can be repeated once. Program dismissal can occur if the repeated course grade is lower than C or if the required Professional Program GPA is lower than 2.75.

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Do I have to apply to the Professional Teacher Education Program if I have an AAT? []
No, as long as your official transcript lists your AAT degree. You must send the official transcript to the SU Admissions office and drop off a copy of the your transcript to the Education Specialties(TE 379) office prior to the semester you are enrolling in professional program courses.
What is the difference between an AAT degree and an AA? []
The AAT degree is an Associate Arts of Teaching degree. This allows you to automatically be granted admission to Professional Teacher Education Programs. An Associate of Arts degree does not allow automatic admission to Professional Teacher Education Programs. Up to sixty credits may be taken as long as the courses you transfer fulfill pre-professional program requirements for secondary Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, or Spanish.
Will I be granted my AAT degree if I can't pass PRAXIS I? []
Only if you have met the MSDE equivalent requirements. Select this link to review Maryland PRAXIS requirements.