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Placement Requests

Foundations courses (EDUC 210, EDUC 300) and Secondary Methods courses require a placement in school.  Paul Gasior, Field Experience Coordinator, will provide you with a school placement.  You must complete an on-line placement request for each semester that you are enrolled in a foundations, methods or internship course.  Field requests are completed the semester before the placement is needed. Background affirmations are required at the beginning of each academic year and in the semester that you apply for internship.  

Field Placement Request Forms

  • Foundation Placement:  Foundation placements require candidates to clock 30 hours of observation in schools.
  • Methods Placement: A 1/2 day placement in a school is required for Content Area and Reading Methods in the Middle and High School Part I.  Content Area and Reading Methods in the Middle and High School Part II requires one full day placement  in school.  Candidates in PART II methods should begin to track the clinical field experience requirement using the 100 Day Calendar.
  • Internship Placement: The semester long internship requires a minimum of 80 days to be completed in two placements in a Professional Development School.  Grade levels change from placement one to placement two.  Entry into internship occurs after required methods courses are completed.  Total number of credits, overall GPA and methods and content major GPA requirements must be met and checked by your advisor and the Field Experience coordinator prior to a placement in an internship. Use the links below to apply for internship.
Secondary Education Internship  
  • View Co-Teaching Videos that showcase SU interns and mentor teachers working together to deliver instruction.


Background Affirmation

  • Background Affirmation: You must complete a Background Affirmation form each YEAR before a school placement can be made. The information that you provide  may be shared with prospective schools for their consideration as part of your field placement.  Return a signed copy of your form to the Field Experience Office, TETC 353 or FAX a copy to 410-548-2593