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The Film Concentration for SU English Majors

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The Film Concentration is an option for Salisbury English Majors who wish to learn more about the medium of film. In these courses, students study the history of the medium, from its invention to the present day; international cinemas, from New Zealand to Hong Kong to Russia to France; the origins of the Classic Hollywood studio system and its evolution into its present-day incarnation; independent film; the genres that have shaped film; the relationship between literature and film; and many critical and theoretical approaches to film, such as psychoanalytic theories, gender-based approaches, considerations of race, postcolonial theories, realist theories, and the idea of the auteur. Students write regular essays, attend weekly screenings, and engage in lively class discussions about the cinema. When you graduate, you should have a much broader appreciation for the various histories, cultures, and ideas that have inflected the development of film as we know it today.

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