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Holloway Hall

English Department Alumni Update:
Julie Hinds (now Reagan)

reaganEnglish department alum Julie Hinds (now Reagan) is in the second year of a Master’s program at East Carolina University.  She is studying for an MA in in Multicultural and Transnational literatures, as well as a graduate certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language.  

For her thesis, Reagan says, “I am working on an idea comparing historical trauma as it pertains to Jewish and Native American literature. Everything is going well and I am planning on beginning my PhD right after my masters.”  

As an undergraduate English major at Salisbury University Reagan says she took a diverse range of literature courses that helped prepare her for the challenging Multicultural and Transnational Literature Master’s program at East Carolina University.

“Salisbury University’s Native American Literature, Ethnic Literature and Aspects of the Novel courses exposed me to the different literatures of many different cultures and populations, and ultimately led me to choose a multicultural literature program for my Masters,” she says.  “The rigorous format of Salisbury University’s English courses taught me discipline, and the encouragement and motivation that the professors gave me has carried on with me into my graduate school career. I hope to one day be in a university classroom as a professor passing on the knowledge and skills that I learned as a student with Salisbury University as my foundation.”