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Holloway Hall

SU English Major Volunteers at Sundance Film Festival

SU English Major Kelly Sniffen (Film Concentration) recently completed a volunteer position at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  Kelly says, “Volunteering at the festival opened my eyes to many potential opportunities that could await me, as well a broad variety of films I was exposed to throughout the festival.”  She earned film vouchers for the time she worked and saw about twelve films total; her position with the Press and Industry office also gave her access to certain parts of the festival that others weren’t privy to. 

She notes that she enjoyed the Q&A sessions with directors after the screenings, and one of the most special experiences related to her favorite film she was able to see.  “I saw many incredible films throughout the festival, but one of [my] favorites, Beasts of the Southern Wild, actually won the grand jury prize for the U.S. Dramatic Competition.”  Not only that, she was actually at a volunteer screening of Beasts which was the first time the film had been screened for an audience—ever.  “I enjoyed being a part of this experience,” says Kelly.