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Holloway Hall

Dr. James King's Literature of the Harlem Renaissance Class Visits Harlem, Langston Hughes' Residence

On the 18th of November, around 5:30 AM, a group of students from Dr. James King's Literature of the Harlem Renaissance course started out for Harlem, NY. Prof. Nancy Mitchell and her husband, John Ebert, and some members of one of her poetry classes traveled with the group to Harlem. Once in the city, the group took the subway from 59th St. to 135th St., in order to attend a lecture on the Harlem Renaissance given by Jon-Christian Suggs, and Adam McKibble, professors of English at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Mr. Shawn Lavery, an adjunct at John Jay, served as our group's host for the day.

After the lecture, the group walked to Langston Hughes house, on E. 127th St., receiving there a brief talk on the history of Langston's residence and the efforts which secured it as an historical house and block within its Harlem neighborhood. From there, the group walked to the Studio Museum of Harlem, on 125th St., and experienced a range of exhibits and media presentations which were currently being shown at the studio. At the end of our day, the group sat down to a soul food dinner at Amy Ruth's Restaurant, on 116th St. At the conclusion of the meal the group took the subway back down to 59th St. and boarded the three vans for our trip back to Salisbury.

This trip is part of Dr. King's syllabus for this course and every effort is made to make the trip possible for interested students each fall semester.