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Professor Leasure Leads Spring Break Trip to Iceland

Professor Ross Leasure led a spring break trip to Iceland as part of his English 349: Old Norse Literature in Translation course.  Students visited multiple sites featured in the sagas, as well as a couple museums related to Icelandic history and culture. While touring, the group viewed many of the major scenic natural wonders including glaciers, waterfalls, and hot springs.

This year's trip was the second one that Leasure has led to Iceland, and he tentatively plans on offering the course again in Spring 2013.  If interested, please contact Dr. Leasure at trleasure@salisbury.edu.

The group at Mosfell, a farmstead continuously occupied since the 9th century.  From left to right: Victoria Patterson, Caitlyn Eskeland, Elora Amtower, Yanina Vazquez, Professor Ross Leasure (SU), Professor Jesse Byock (UCLA), Connor O’Brien, and Bergsteinn Haršarsson (guide).  Dr. Byock, author of many books/articles on Medieval Iceland, the sagas, & archaeology provided an orientation to the excavation at Mosfell.  Bergsteinn was the group's indigenous Icelandic expert.

Scenic Photos