SU Foundation Remembers D. Page Elmore

The Board of Directors and staff of the Salisbury University Foundation send deepest sympathies to Page Elmore’s wife, Carolyn, and his children and grandchildren.

Although we knew our friend and longtime colleague was struggling with serious illness, we never saw the pain he was feeling interfere with his commitment to his beloved Eastern Shore and our University community. His was a quiet profile in courage.

Page served on the Foundation Board for over a decade on a variety of committees: Investment and Audit, Scarborough Leadership Building, Nominations, Public Radio Delmarva, and for two years as treasurer. He was generous, endowing a nursing scholarship in memory of his mother, a nurse, and was a longtime board member of SU’s Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture where he expressed his love of Shore history.

He seemed to relish the life of the campus, attending social gatherings and formal events such as groundbreakings, always wearing his wonderfully quizzical smile. He brought a dignified, but friendly presence to any occasion, and conversation with him was rarely without laughter. As someone who lived in the South for several years, I enjoyed the cadences of his Virginian speech and Southern appreciation of life’s absurdities.

Although the loss is inestimable, we are humbly grateful for the years he shared with us.

--Dr. Rosemary M. Thomas, executive director of the Salisbury University Foundation, Inc.