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Faculty/Staff Campaign Contribution Form Instructions

This one card can be used for either a one-time contribution or to establish a payroll deduction which will run on a calendar year.  Which ever you choose, please keep a copy for your records and fill out the entire card.

One time contributions can be in any amount and designated to any area of the campus you wish.  Send the completed form along with your check to the Alumni House.  All checks are to be made out to the SU FOUNDATION, INC.  Please make a copy of the check and form for your records.

NOTE: Payroll deductions are mailed to and handled by the University of Maryland System Payroll Office and NOT by Salisbury University's Payroll Office.  Therefore, completed payroll deduction requests have to be returned to the Alumni House and not to SU's Payroll Office.  In order to have your deduction begin with the first paycheck of the next calendar year, your completed and UNEDITED form must be returned to the Alumni House NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 2.

Helpful hints

  1. Clearly PRINT your name.
  2. Only fill in your Social Security number if utilizing payroll deduction (and, YES, USM has to have it clearly printed on the form)
  3. There can be NO edits, mis-markings or corrections on the form.  If you require a new card, please call 410-548-2074 and one will be sent ASAP.
  4. Unlike SU's parking permit payroll deduction which is handled on campus, The Faculty & Staff Giving Program's payroll deduction EXPIRES at the end of every calendar year.  This means that you must submit a new card if you wish to continue into the next calendar year.  Even if you had a deduction previously, you must check the INITIATE box to start a new calendar year.  CHANGE is only used if changing your deduction amount within the calendar year.
  5. The amount per pay period refers to the actual amount removed from each check and not the total contribution you wish to make for the calendar year. To figure out how much to deduct per pay check click here.
  6. Make sure to specify if you are paid 21 or 26 times within the year.
  7. Use the back of the form to designate your gift as you wish.  You may divide your total gift amount between several specific designations.
  8. Do you wish to give "soft credit" (joint gift) to your spouse/partner?  If they are an SU alum or SU employee as well, that counts as 2 gifts for us!

Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations/Annual Giving office at 410-548-2074 if you need further assistance.

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