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An Exploration: Molokini
August 19 – September 25, 2103

Lauren Feusahrens

Artist's Statement

My art is about exploration—about taking educated, thoughtful risks. Every artist is influenced by the work of other artists, whether intentional or not. I have a deep appreciation for all art forms, both "fine" and unconventional. I embrace the history of painting and the artists who provide ongoing inspiration, both visual and mental. Helen Frankenthaler said, "The only rule is that there are no rules. Anything is possible. It's all about risks, deliberate risks." I believe this is true and strive to find my own boundaries and work to exceed them. This past year has been a journey, and every day in the studio, I navigate through my own ideas and inspirations.

Painting has allowed me the opportunity to connect my creativity and conceptual side with my physical energy. My childhood consisted of playing any sport that was available and spending time painting and drawing with my grandmother. After she passed, I found it too difficult to paint and put away my brushes, pursuing other mediums. I was drawn to the physicality of charcoal and the instant satisfaction that came when you snap a photograph.

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After high school, I spent my freshman year at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill on a lacrosse scholarship. While athletically it was a monumental accomplishment, I was not happy without my art. When I transferred to Salisbury, I finally was surrounded by professors and classmates who shared my same passion for creating. I gathered my courage to take Painting I the fall of my senior year and instantly fell back in love. I want my paintings to exude energy and liveliness. I strive with every painting to grow and find myself, honoring and remembering my grandmother.

An Exploration: Molokini, is a series of five paintings that drew inspiration from a personal photograph taken at Molokini Island in Maui, Hawaii. The photograph has meant a lot to me over the past four years and I have always kept it close. It is special because I can remember the person I was at the time it was taken, how I felt and the struggles I was going through. I was a freshman in college who had just gone through the toughest four months of her young life. I was crushed that the dream I had of playing Division I lacrosse had turned into a nightmare. I was struggling with the idea that I was going to have to make life-changing decisions that I knew not everyone was going to understand, and for the first time ever, I might have to quit something. All the while I was on one the most beautiful vacations I had ever been on with a family I am so grateful to have. This photograph represents to me the contrast of those two worlds, one in Maui and the one to which I would have to return to. This turmoil is long in the past, but it is still a constant source of motivation. I came out of it knowing that I am resilient and knowing my own self-worth. When I am in need of confidence, I think back to that time and remember to never doubt myself and my abilities. These paintings came from these feelings, and I am so proud of them.

Artist Biography

Lauren Feusahrens is a senior at SU, graduating in December 2013 with a B.F.A. in painting. Growing up, she spent most of her time playing sports. She recently has finished her last season playing lacrosse for Salisbury. However, when she was not playing sports, she immersed herself in art. Her mother was interested in drawing and illustration, and her grandmother ‘Nana' would spend hours painting. Lauren remembers her Nana's rendition of Claude Monet's "The Poppy Field, near Argenteuil" that hung in the dining room of her childhood home.

Lauren started her college career at University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, transferring to Salisbury University in the spring of 2011. While attending UNC, she became interested in mixed media and collage, a medium she had worked with in her art classes in high school. When she arrived at Salisbury, she was unsure which concentration she wanted to pursue. She was interested in photography, new media and graphics, but she missed working with her hands creating her art. In the fall of her senior year, she took her first painting class to fulfill a B.F.A. requirement. She felt frustrated with the first two classes, but soon she started to see that painting would be her chosen medium.

Since then, Lauren has immersed herself in painting and has loved every second of it. She appreciates the uniqueness of the oil paint medium and the freedom it provides to express so many different emotions. She also is grateful for finding something to help her keep a strong connection to her Nana. Lauren draws a lot of her inspiration from the water, her memories of sailing with her family and her extensive photo journal.

Feusahrens was awarded the Salisbury University Art Department Alumni and Art Memorial Recognition Award.

Price Sheet

Maui #1Maui #1
Oil on Canvas
42” x 60.5”

Maui #2Maui #2
Oil on Canvas
42” x 60.5”

Maui #3Maui #3
Oil on Canvas
28” x 28”

Abstract #2Abstract #2
Pastel on Paper
36” x 61”

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