How will I register for classes?
You will register for classes with GullNet, SU's online self-service website.  You will have sole access to your GullNet account.  Your account will be protected with a password.  Click here for INFO on using your GullNet Account.

If I am a graduate student, is the registration process any different?
For most graduate students, NO. If you have been REGISTERED at any time during the past academic year, GullNet will be available for you to register.

However, if you have not been registered here for one academic year, then you will need to complete and mail in the registration and residency forms. All Business and English Graduate students must contact their advisor before registering for classes.

What if all sections of a course are full and I need it to graduate?
You will have to obtain an Add Slip from the Registrar’s Office. Then you must see the instructor for permission and return the signed Add Slip to the Registrar’s Office. You will not be able to register for closed sections online.

How can I get into a class if it requires permission from instructor?
You will need to see the individual instructor assigned to the course or chair of the department. The department offering the class will inform you of the process.

How will I know when I have completed the registration process?
The registration process on GullNet is “real time”. You will know immediately if your registration/requests have been processed. There will be a link called View My Class Schedule that will show your confirmed schedule as of that moment. You can print your schedule using the tool bar on your browser. Make sure you check your schedule before exiting the registration process.

What if I change my mind later and want to adjust my schedule?
The GullNet will be available to you to update your registration.  Drop/Add is handled on your GullNet account  at specified times.  If you wish to withdraw completely from the University you may do so by dropping all your courses on your Gullnet account.  .

How can I change a course to Pass/Fail?
Obtain the appropriate form from the Registrar’s Office. You must have junior or senior standing. You cannot take a course pass/fail if the course is in your major, minor or general education requirements. You are allowed one course per semester of your junior/senior year for a total of four. You cannot change a course to pass/fail online.

How will I know my log-in name and password to access the Gull Net?

UserID and Password page

Will a Hold stop me from registering for classes in GullNet?
Yes. Holds will prevent registration. You will have to visit the appropriate office to have them removed. For example, a Cashiers Office Hold (unpaid parking tickets, library fines and unpaid semester balances) can only be removed by the Cashier's Office.

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