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Internet Setup for Gaming Consoles, SmartTVs, and other Network Devices

If you want to connect a gaming console, smart television or other network device to the SU wired network or the SU-Connect wireless network, you will need to register your device online at After registration, you will need to power off your device for at least five minutes, and then connect to SU-Connect (if you are connecting wirelessly). The entire process takes less than 10 minutes! You can find detailed instructions, as well as troubleshooting information, in the link below.

If you are still having issues and you have verified your MAC address and connection type is correct, report the problem online at (log in with your SU username and password).

  • Click Problem with Gaming Console or Device in the "Report a Problem" section on the Online Ticketing site and fill out the requested information to register your device.
  • You will be contacted for more troubleshooting and will receive an email notification when your support ticket was resolved.

Find your MAC Address

For some devices, like game consoles, you need to register your device to connect to the SU wired or wireless network. You'll need a MAC address as part of this request. Use this guide to find out How to Find Your Mac Address.

Wireless Printers, Google Chromecast and Other Devices That Connect To Each Other Over Wi-Fi

Devices which require a Wi-Fi connection to another device on the network in order to function will not work with our SU wireless network. For example, Google Chromecast requires an app to be installed on a computer or mobile device to setup and operate the Chromecast. This app needs the computer or mobile device to be able to see and access the Chromecast on the wireless network in order to function, which is not possible on the SU wireless network.

Devices which are able to be set up as a standalone device can work, but functions that depend upon a wireless connection to another device would not work. Wireless printers and storage devices would not function wirelessly, but may still function if they are connected directly to the computer. Media devices like Apple TV would also still be able to be setup and connect to the wireless network to use such services like streaming media (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), but the wireless screen sharing and media sharing capabilities would be unavailable on the SU wireless network.

When in doubt, please submit a ticket to the IT Help Desk at to inquire about your devices compatibility with our SU wireless network prior to purchasing or bringing your device to campus.

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