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IT Help Desk/Technology Support

Information Technology Services

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This page lists the services offered by the Information Technology department. Click the subheadings below to expand the section and view the services offered by each area of IT.

For questions about IT Departments or Services, call the IT Help Desk: 410-677-5454

IT Staff:

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Application & Architecture Services

  • Provide campus email services
  • Provide campus instant messaging services
  • Maintain Oracle/PeopleSoft platform
  • Maintain Blackboard/MyClasses platform
  • Manage campus file storage system
  • Manage student cloud storage and email
  • Provide hosting for campus servers
  • Create and maintain campus computer patches, images and software deployments
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A/V Engineering Services

  • Event Audio/Visual setup and support
  • Webinar setup and support
  • Turning Point software classroom support
  • Lecture capture support
  • Web Conferencing support
  • Classroom immediate response
  • Guest logins for events
  • Audio/Visual equipment training
  • Classroom Audio/Visual equipment installs and upgrades
  • Instructor Station PC installs and upgrades
  • Classroom equipment maintenance
  • Digital Signage Support
  • Loan cameras, digital recorders, lights and microphones
  • Video record class presentations and guest speakers
  • Use of two video studios
  • Use of an audio studio
  • Fully equipped audio and video editing
  • Distance Learning
  • Teleconference (IVN) and Skype
  • Cable TV (CATV) for the campus
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Technology Support Services

  • Provide phone, walkup, remote and in-person technology support
  • Install, troubleshoot, upgrade, and repair/resolve issues with computers, printers, and other peripherals for campus users
  • Install, troubleshoot, and resolve software problems
  • Support and maintain IT computer labs
  • Provide outreach and orientation education on IT support services
  • Provide and maintain the IT website and support documentation
  • Provide guest login accounts
  • Loaning of computer and printing resources for SU campus needs.
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IT Procurement and Consulting Services

  • Provide advice and technology review for technology purchases
  • Provide quotes and estimates for technology purchases
  • Software contracts
  • Delivery of purchased products
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Network and Security

  • Maintain equipment supporting wireless network access for both academic buildings and residence halls
  • Provide high-capacity connections for buildings and servers
  • Manage external network interface (MDREN)
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Configure and maintain firewall and IDS
  • Cybersecurity education and outreach
  • Security Analysis and Design
  • Incident Response and Digital Forensics
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  • Telephone cabling, installation and repair
  • Telephone equipment purchasing and leasing
  • Voicemail installation and repair
  • International calling
  • Directory services and call routing
  • Telephone and cell phone technology review
  • Cell phone purchase plans and equipment
  • Cell phone setup, support and repair
  • Cell phone employee discounts
  • Cable television installation and repair
  • Surveillance camera installation and repair
  • Alarm system design, installation and repair
  • Emergency Alert Systems support
  • Construction planning and design

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