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Holloway Hall

Henson Lecture Series: Dr. William Campbell

On Tuesday, March 12th, SU’s Dr. William Campbell, Ed.D., RN will speak on “The Hospital Steward of the American Civil War: An Examination of His Role and His Relationship with Nursing” at 4:00 PM in Henson Science Hall, Room 243.

Whether in the hospital or on the battlefield with a regiment, the Civil War Hospital Steward was an important part of the healthcare team.  Serving numerous roles including pharmacist, hospital administrator, and medical handyman, the Civil War Hospital Steward’s responsibilities were vast. Dr. Campbell will discuss the roles, responsibilities and duties of a Civil War Hospital Steward in order to answer the question “Were Hospital Stewards the first advanced practice nurses (APN)? 

Admission to the talk is free and the public is invited.