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Holloway Hall

Henson School and Department of Biological Sciences Seminar: Anatomy in the Genomics Age


Dr. Paula Mabee
Professor of Biology, University of South Dakota
AAAS Fellow and lead scientist at Phenoscape

February 27, 2014

4:00 pm in HS 243

Refreshments at 3:30 in HS 213


Dr. Mabee is spearheading new research that enables linking of information from medical and genetic databases with the evolutionary literature.   The goal of these computing methods is two-fold: to discover the genetic basis of the tremendously beautiful and amazing features that characterize biodiversity, and also to identify model systems to inform health.  The groups that she leads, Phenoscape and the PhenotypeRCN, are major investments by the National Science Foundation, and they include over 400 researchers from all over the world.  The software tools and bioinformatics methods that they have developed are rapidly being incorporated by other large biological infrastructure projects.