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Henson School of Science & Technology Course Repeat Policy

This policy applies to all undergraduate courses offered in the Henson School of Science and Technology, effective academic year 2013-2014.

Note: other restrictions on course repeats may apply; check with specific academic programs for details.

  • Statement of policy

  • Outline of requirements for approval

  • Initiate the request for permission to repeat

Statement of Policy

1. Students may repeat courses offered by the Henson School of Science & Technology one time at Salisbury University (SU) without special permission. These include courses with prefixes BIOL, CHEM, COSC, ENGR, ENVH, GEOG, GEOL, MATH, MDTC, NURS, SCIE, PHYS, RESP for which the student earned any grade (B, C, D, F, PS, I, W, WP, WF, NGR, or Audit). Students should take note that grades of W, WF, or WP earned by withdrawing from a class after the schedule adjustment period (typically the first week of the semester for Spring/Fall and the first three days for Summer/Winter) are considered grades and are subject to this policy. Exceptions are those courses that may be repeated for credit (e.g., BIOL 490, CHEM 499). Also, some majors may limit students to a single repeat of specific courses (see requirements for your major).

2. Students who wish to repeat a course a second time (third enrollment) must seek approval from the Henson Dean’s Office by completing a Motivation and Strategies for Success plan (coming soon). Completion of this process does not guarantee enrollment for a third time as enrollment will depend upon a compelling plan for success and available seats in the course. Students will not be allowed to enroll in a course for a fourth time unless there are extremely extenuating circumstances.

3. Please note that all grades appear on student’s transcripts. For undergraduate courses, the grade from the most recent attempt at SU is used to calculate grade point averages, even if that grade is lower than the first time the student took the course. Students transferring credits from other institutions should be aware that these courses may complete degree requirements, but grades earned in these transferred courses will not be used in SU GPA calculations and do not replace any grade earned in the equivalent course at SU.

Outline of requirements for approval (coming soon)

Initiate the request for permission to repeat (coming soon)

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