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Salisbury University
A Maryland University of National Distinction

Graduate Program in History

Graduate Program Faculty

Céline Carayon, Assistant Professor of History, Graduate Director 
B.A., M.A. Université des Arts et des Lettres Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France; Ph.D. The College of William and Mary Areas of Concentration: Colonial America, France in the Americas, Native American History, Atlantic World

Richard C. Bowler, Professor of History
B.A. University of San Francisco; M.A., Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles
Areas of Concentration: History of Science and Technology, German and European History

Kara French, Assistant Professor of History
B.A. Yale University; M.A., Ph.D. University of Michigan
Areas of Concentration: U.S. Women’s & Gender History, U.S. History to 1865, History of Sexuality, American Religion

Gregory C. Ference, Professor of History
B.A. University of Pittsburgh; M.A., M.L.S. and Ph.D., Indiana University
Areas of Concentration: East Asia, Eastern Europe, Habsburgs

Aston Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of History
B.A. Williams College; M.A., Ph.D. University of Michigan
Areas of Concentration: African-American History

Tom Goyens, Associate Professor of History
B.A. University of Leuven, Belgium; Postgraduate in American Studies, University of Leuven, Belgium, and The College of William and Mary; Ph.D. University of Leuven, Belgium
Areas of Concentration: U.S. Gilded Age and Progressive Era, U.S. Labor and Immigration, U.S. and Transatlantic Radicalism, Anarchism

Dean Kotlowski, Professor of History  
B.A. Canisius College; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University                                     
Areas of Concentration: 20th Century U.S., U.S. politics, biography

Michael Lewis, Professor of History                                                    
B.A. Rhodes College; M.A. University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of Iowa        
Area of Concentration: Environmental History

Creston S. Long, Associate Professor of History
B.A., Virginia Military Institute; M.A., Wake Forest University; Ph.D., The College of William and Mary 
Areas of concentration: Historiography, Colonial History, Maryland

Timothy S. Miller, Professor of History
B.A. Haverford College; Ph.D., Catholic University
Areas of Concentration: Byzantine and Medieval History, Social Welfare

Aparajita Mukhopadhyay, Assistant Professor of History
B.A., M.A., M.Phil. University of Delhi; Ph.D. University of London, School of Oriental and Asian Studies
Areas of Concentration: South Asian History, Colonial British Empire

Maarten L. Pereboom, Professor of History, Dean of Fulton School of Liberal Arts
B.A. Calvin College; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University
Areas of Concentration: U.S. Foreign Relations, 20th-Century Europe, History in Film

Elizabeth A. Ragan, Associate Professor of Anthropology
B.A., University of Maryland College Park; M.Phil., University of Glasgow; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Areas of concentration: Anthropology, Archaeology

Emily Story, Chair, Associate Professor of History
B.A. Vassar College; M.A., Ph.D. Vanderbilt University
Areas of Concentration: Latin America, Urban History, Environmental History

Bart R. Talbert, Associate Professor of History
B.A. Salisbury University; M.A. James Madison University; Ph.D. University of Alabama
Areas of Concentration: Civil War, Military History, 19th-Century America

Joseph Venosa, Assistant Professor of History
B.A. Ramapo College of New Jersey; M.A.I.A., Ph.D. Ohio University
Areas of Concentration: Horn of Africa, Islam in African History, Modern Middle East

Kristen P. Walton, Professor of History
A.B. The College of William and Mary; M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Areas of Concentration:  British History, Early Modern Europe, European Reformations 

Jeanne E. Whitney, Associate Professor of History
B.A. Simmons College; M.A. College of William and Mary; Ph.D. University of Delaware
Areas of Concentration: Material Culture, U.S. Social and Cultural History, Local History

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