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How do I find out if my advisee is in Honors?

Look under the list of advisors in the student's "student center" profile on GullNet. If James Buss (the director of the Honors Program) is listed as a second or third advisor, then the student is an Honors student.     

How many classses does my advisee need to graduate with Honors?

Most students merely need to take four Honors courses and complete a thesis to graduate with Honors. They can take any combination of four Honors courses. Please refer to the Honors checklist for more information.

What do study abroad and internships count for?

Students may substitute a study abroad experience or an internship for one of the four courses. They must arrange this with the directors of Honors and International Studies (study abroad).

Do Honors students need to take an Honors course every semester?

No; students may "sit out" two semesters without taking an Honors course before being removed from the program. In order to do so, they must fill out this form and submit it to the Honors Program Director.

Why can't I add or drop an Honors course for my advisee?

Honors courses may only be added or dropped with the consent of the Honors Program Director or Assistant Director.

Additional Information

In the 2013-2014 academic year the Honors College distributed more than $8,000 to students in the form of scholarships and travel grants to regional and national conference.

Any student at SU with a 3.5 GPA is eligible to take an Honors course, whether they are in the College or not. They simply need to contact the Honors College to register for the class.

The Honors College has a secondary track for current students who would like to take advantage of Honors College resources in their junior and senior years by joining the College. They simply need to see the director and possess a 3.5 GPA.

All events hosted by the Honors College are open to the entire campus community.

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