Interdisciplinary Studies Major(IDIS)
Holloway Hall

Interdisciplinary Studies Major (IDIS) - Individually Designed Track

Salisbury University offers a major in Interdisciplinary Studies leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. The major accommodates students who wish to develop programs of study in two or more disciplines or create a major in an area of study not offered by any traditional major at SU. This program allows students to create an individual and flexible track that is best suited to their interests or career goals. Most importantly, this program gives students the opportunity to integrate information across disciplines to help gain a more complete understanding of the chosen area of study.

Students wishing to major in Interdisciplinary Studies Individually Designed Track must submit an IDIS Proposal Form to the Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator for approval in order to officially change to the Interdisciplinary Studies major. Students are required to write a goal statement to show a rationale for the cohesion of the areas of study and describe any potential career goals suitable for the program proposal. The program proposals should list any lower-division prerequisites to the courses chosen for the Interdisciplinary Studies major and note the possible 300/400 level courses being used to complete the Interdisciplinary Studies major. To learn more about how change your major to Interdisciplinary Studies, visit How to Get Started.

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