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MyClasses Canvas Mobile App

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Canvas Mobile takes interactive teaching and learning to the mobile device, giving students and teachers instant access to their courses and content anywhere. The mobile app is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Getting started with Canvas Mobile

Simply download the application and install on your device. The Canvas Mobile application can be downloaded from the following locations:

Then, after launching the app on your device, search for "Salisbury University" and enter your SU username and password to securely login and begin accessing your MyClasses courses.  Learn more about the app from the Canvas Mobile Guides.

Features of The Canvas Mobile Application

The list below represents the tools that can be used by students to interact in their MyClasses courses using the mobile app.

     • View your Canvas activity stream
     • Stay on top of your to do items
     • View your course schedule and syllabus
     • Read and participate in course discussions
     • Turn in homework assignments
     • Upload files, videos, and audio recordings
     • Read, create, and reply to inbox messages
     • Study and navigate course pages
     • View grades for your courses and individual assignments
     • View submissions and participate in comment discussions with your instructor
     • Access and participate in Canvas groups

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