English Language Institute
Current Student Testimonials

At SU ELI, we have had students from China, Korea, Vietnam, Gabon, Turkey, Spain, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia.  We have more applicants from Russia, Thailand, and South America. This mix of nationalities makes for increased opportunity to use English in all activities. Most of the students in the ELI are studying English in order to enter a college or university in the United States. Many ELI students are temporarily away from their jobs, studying English to improve their job performance. Here are some of their testimonials about their experience at SU ELI:

“People are friendly, very nice. Love the campus.”

“The way of teaching is very understandable – they use good ways to explain the topics.”

“It [the class] is a long time, but we forget the time passes. The teaching is really good.”

“[The class] builds up our confidence.”

“I’ve taken English in other schools. But I think this is the best. I want to go on to undergraduate here.”

“I like the teaching materials.”

“[We] feel unified – we can discuss in one group, get to know each other, feel we are close.”

“I think it’s been really helpful. We’ve learned a lot. In one week we learned so much – vocabulary, grammar, presentation.”

“[This is] what we needed – communication, social presentation.”

“The teachers want us to succeed, do our best – spending so much time – he [Dr. Song] will do his best to see us succeed.”

http://sxy.zjff.edu.cn/html/xinwendongtai/xueyuanxinwen/2014/0915/1340.html (In Chinese)
http://sxy.zjff.edu.cn/html/xinwendongtai/xueyuanxinwen/2014/1008/1362.html (In Chinese)
http://sxy.zjff.edu.cn/html/xinwendongtai/xueyuanxinwen/2014/1013/1368.html (In Chinese)