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F-1 Visa Status

Employment Options

Practical Training: Curricular Practical Training  (Instructions)

Before you are eligible to work for compensation as a part of your Curricular Practical Training, you must provide the following to the International Student Advisor:

  • Verification that you are in good academic standing, and have maintained your F-1 status for full academic year (found at: Certification of Completion of Studies).

  • A letter of employment offer from the employer, stating the dates of start and end of employment, the number of hours/week, and the nature of your job.  This letter needs to include the name and the address of your employer as well.

  • Proof that academic credit will be given for your training (registration).

  • A written statement from your advisor that this training is an integral part of an established curriculum.

You may begin your Curricular Practical Training once you receive a new I-20 with proper authorization.  Please remember that you must limit your employment to hours and dates specified on the I-20.


For questions or concerns, please contact Agata Liszkowska at (410) 677-5027