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F-1 Visa Status

Employment Options

On-campus employment

International students are eligible to work on-campus up to 20 hours a week while school is in session, and full time during all breaks.  For on-campus employment opportunities please visit Career Services or view:

  • Initial entry students cannot begin work more than 30 days before classes start

  • In the case of a transfer in SEVIS, the student may only engage in on-campus employment at the school having jurisdiction over the student's SEVIS record

  • A student may not engage in on-campus employment during the 60-day grace period following the completion of a course of study or thereafter, except in the following situations:

    -    Employment authorized for OPT

    -    Employment between academic levels at the same school

    • Can be in any on-campus position that does not displace a U.S. worker; does not have to be related to course

    • Employment is "incident to status," and does not require DSO or DHS approval

    • Employment must not displace a U.S. resident