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F-1 Visa Status

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Travel and reentry

Whenever F-1 students wish to leave the United States temporarily and return to continue studies at the institution in which they are enrolled, they must secure the necessary documents to:
  • Permit entry to another country; and
  • Permit re-entry to the United States

Like the United States, other countries have rules and restrictions on who can enter their country, and how. F-1 students who wish to visit their country of citizenship or permanent residence generally will be allowed to enter that country if they hold a valid passport or other travel document issued by that country. For travel into any country other than the home country, students must check with the Embassy of the country they would like to visit to inquire about specific entry procedures.

In order to reenter the United States after a temporary absence of 5 months or less, an F-1 student should have the following documents:

  • A valid passport or travel document, unless exempt from the passport requirement,

  • A valid F-1 visa stamp (unless exempt from the visa requirement), and

  • A form I-20 properly endorsed for travel by the international student advisor.

Additional travel issues: