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Editorial Board




Elsie Walker and David T. Johnson

Salisbury University 


Business Manager and Copyeditor

Brenda J. Grodzicki 

Salisbury University


Book Review Editor

Dean R. Cooledge 

University of Maryland Eastern Shore


Founding Editors

James M. Welsh and Tom Erskine

Salisbury University


Contributing Editors

James Burton

Salisbury University


Kamilla Elliott

Lancaster University


Wendy Everett

University of Bath 


Sarah Hatchuel

University of Le Havre


Thomas M. Leitch

University of Delaware 


Peter Lev

Towson University 


Brian McFarlane

Monash University 


Walter C. Metz

Southern Illinois University 


Kenneth S. Nolley

Willamette University 


Ian Olney

York College of Pennsylvania


Rebecca Pauly

West Chester University


Maarten L. Pereboom

Salisbury University 


Gene D. Phillips, S.J.

Loyala University of Chicago 


Laurence Raw

Baskent University


J.P. Telotte

Georgia Institute of Technology 


Richard Vela

University of North Carolina, Pembroke 


Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin

Université Montpellier III Paul Valéry