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Liaisons and Departments

A liaison is a Library faculty designated as the formal contact person between the Library and a particular academic unit (school, department, or center). In keeping with the Library’s mission, the primary responsibility of a liaison is to meet the unit’s information needs through instruction and other support for teaching, collection development, research assistance to faculty and students, and the fulfillment of other unit needs related to the Library. Read full description of Library Liaison duties.

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Subject Library Liaison Departmental Liaison
Accounting & Legal Studies Robin Vickery(410) Leonard Arvi (410) 677-6573
Anthropology James Parrigin(410) Elizabeth Ragan (410) 548-4502
Applied Health Physiology Mou Chakraborty(410) Robert Joyner (410) 677-3026
Art Caroline Eckardt(410) Victoria Pass
Biology Susan Brazer(410) Elizabeth Emmert (410) 543-6363
Business Robin Vickery(410) Leonard Arvi (410) 677-6573
Center for International Education Caroline Eckardt(410)
Chemistry Susan Brazer(410) Robert Luttrell (410) 677-5348
Communication Arts James Parrigin(410) Lori Dewitt (410) 677-0076
Computer Science Victoria Martin(410) Xiaohong (Sophie) Wang (410) 677-5380
Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution Mou Chakraborty(410) Jacques L. Koko (410) 677-0135
Dance Angeline Prichard(410) Victoria Hutchinson (410) 543-6278
Economics & Finance Robin Vickery(410) Leonard Arvi (410) 677-6573
Education Stephen Ford(410) For Teacher Education: Joyce Wiencek (410) 543-6288

For Education Specialties: Teena Gorrow (410) 548-9196
Engineering Victoria Martin(410) Joseph Howard (410) 548-5393
English James Parrigin(410) April Logan (410) 543-8106
Environmental Studies Susan Brazer(410) Michael Lewis (410) 677-5020
Geography/Geosciences Susan Brazer(410) Mark DeSocio (410) 543-6461
Government Information Gaylord Robb(410)
Health Sciences Mou Chakraborty(410)
Health & Sport Sciences Caroline Eckardt(410) Brent Fedorko (410) 677-0075
History Ian Post(410) Creston Long (410) 543-6267
Information & Decision Sciences Victoria Martin(410) Leonard Arvi (410) 677-6573
Interdisciplinary Studies Caroline Eckardt(410)
Management & Marketing Robin Vickery(410) Leonard Arvi (410) 677-6573
Mathematics Victoria Martin(410) Troy Banks (410) 543-6141
Medical Laboratory Science Mou Chakraborty(410) Robert Joyner (410) 677-3026
Military Science/ROTC Gaylord Robb(410) Capt. Christopher Ahlstrom (410) 677-0275
Modern Languages Gaylord Robb(410) Corinne Pubill (410) 677-0152
Music Angeline Prichard(410) Sachi Murasugi (410) 677-0253
Nursing Mou Chakraborty(410) Nancy Smith (410) 548-2251
Philosophy Victoria Martin(410) Cristina Cammarano (410) 543-6000
Physics Victoria Martin(410) Joseph Howard (410) 548-5393
Political Science Angeline Prichard(410) Michael O'Loughlin (410) 548-2149
Psychology Angeline Prichard(410) Rhyannon Bemis (410) 543-6372
Respiratory Therapy Mou Chakraborty(410) Robert Joyner (410) 677-3026
Social Work Mou Chakraborty(410) Jennifer Jewell (410) 677-5050
Sociology Angeline Prichard(410) Allan Pappas (410) 543-6438
Sustainability Stephen Ford(410)
Theatre Angeline Prichard(410) Victoria Hutchinson (410) 543-6278
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