General Education Initiative Task Force:

Minutes of Meeting - October 1, 1997

Members Attending:

Greg Cashman

Phil Creighton

Jane Dané

Tom Erskine

Mike Garner

Ben Greene

Steve Hetzler

Victoria Hutchinson

Fred Kundell

Jim Lackie

Robert Long

Chapman McGrew

Pat Richards

Fatollah Saliman

Kathleen Shannon

Sarah Sharbach

Debra Thatcher

Gail Welsh

Arlene White

George Whitehead

Ellen Whitford

Bill Zak Members Not Attending:

Mike Boolukos

Robert Smith


Some possible conference ideas:

Anyone who is interested in possibly attending one of these conferences, send your name to Pat Richards ASAP.

Minutes were approved as amended.

Jim Lackie has arranged a special section in the library for Gen Ed literature. Jim will distribute bibliography will continue to update.

Check the Gen Ed Web site.

Reviewed handouts briefly. Read for next meeting

Assignments for next week:

Look for ideas for speakers and topics for faculty development sessions.

Develop your short list of knowledge, skills, and dispositions attributes for next meeting.

Procedures for voting were discussed:

The following points were made:

1. The issues that are decided by this committee will be limited in scope.

2. There are two issues types that will be discussed - procedural and substantive.

The following methodology was approved:

The Time Line was discussed and issues were brought to the table:

The Cost of implementation

Practical ability on delivery of the product

What is workable within the idea framework

Reasonable explanation of deliverables

Ability to think interdisciplinary manner

Rubrics must cross disciplines

Must be seen in a more broad and general application of knowledge and skills.

Use different lenses to see same issues differently

Hand outs:

Common Attributes: One Person's View - Greg Cashman

Publication list for General Education Task Force

General Education Circle

Conceptualizing an Outcomes Oriented General Education Curriculum by Don Farmer

Interdisciplinary General Education by Julie Klein

What's Julie's 'Must Read' List? By Julie Klein

Diploma's and Degrees are Obsolescent by Donald Langenberg (Chronicle of Higher Ed)

Tentative Time Line of the General Education Task Force
AY 1997-1998: Information Gathering, Fact finding and Study
Fall 1997 * Conversations: Workshops and Seminars

Peer Institutions

Professional Organizations (in concurrent sessions)

* Surveys and assessments of current program

* Reading lists

* Other Conferences

* Conversations - Brown Bag, E-Mail, Discussion of 15-20 models

* Faculty Development - Gaff, Workshops, Conferences

* Newsletter and Web Page posting

* Open hearings

Spring 1998 * January retreat

* AACU meeting in Washington DC (January 15-17)

* Site visits start in January

* Survey and preliminary assessment of models

Focus Groups

Narrowing the field

* Look at articulation agreements

* Faculty Development

* Newsletter and Web page posting

* Open Hearings