General Education Initiative Task Force:

Minutes of Meeting - November 6, 1997

Members Attending:

Greg Cashman, Phil Creighton, Jane Dané, Mike Garner, Ben Greene, Steve Hetzler, Fred Kundell, Robert Long, Chapman McGrew, Pat Richards, Fatollah Saliman, Kathleen Shannon, Sarah Sharbach, Robert Smith, Debra Thatcher, Gail Welsh, George Whitehead, Ellen Whitford, Bill Zak

Members Not Attending: Mike Boolukos, Tom Erskine, Victoria Hutchinson, Jim Lackie, Arlene White



Points brought up during the discussion:

Communications Goal 2/3

Analysis 3/4/8

Problem Solving 4/7/9 * also practiced leadership

Valuing Decision making 5/6/7/9 *noted that the value systems and moral dimensions were pervasive in our plan - in a lot of different places

Social Interaction 2/3/6/7

Global Perspective 6/9 *Add acting with a global perspective to the diversity statement

Effective Citizenship 3/7/9

Aesthetic Responsiveness 8

Acting Globally

Broad Base of Knowledge

Change 'Learn to speak, read and write effectively." to "Speak, read and write using a variety of media"

Skills: #1,2,3,4,7

Knowledge: #8

Perspective: #5,6,9

vld 11/21/97

Attributes of a Salisbury State University Graduate

A Working Draft Document presented to the faculty for consideration and input by the General Education Task Force.

Salisbury State University's graduates will:

NOTE: The task force has reached consensus on these attributes and would like input from the faculty. Please realize that the task force does not consider that all of these attributes are weighted equally nor has it listed the attributes in any rank order.