General Education Initiative Task Force:

Minutes of Meeting - November 5, 1997

Members Attending:

Phil Creighton, Jane Dané, Tom Erskine, Mike Garner, Ben Greene, Steve Hetzler, Victoria Hutchinson, Fred Kundell, Jim Lackie, Robert Long, Chapman McGrew, Pat Richards, Fatollah Saliman, Kathleen Shannon, Sarah Sharbach, Debra Thatcher, Gail Welsh, Arlene White, George Whitehead, Ellen Whitford, Bill Zak

Members Not Attending:

Mike Boolukos, Greg Cashman, Robert Smith


Once we go to the open meeting- each member on the committee must act as a task leader and the committee must appear focused. This was scheduled as the year of learning - each person meeting on this committee should go to the library and do the reading. Of all the campus committees, this is probably the most critical one - we must make informed decisions. It is important that we do not get ahead of ourselves. We must do the attributes first and then get to the models etc.

The Provost explained that the strategic plan needs to be completed now so that it can be meshed with the capital plan and the building plans and presented in a package in April to the Board of Regents.

Go through the attributes and look at the minutes from the meeting of the 15th. Each individual produce a reflective listing of the attributes that you feel are necessary - make a copy to distribute to the members of the committee.

Try to mesh the attributes with the strategic plan as it is written. On 11/19, we will try to pull the attributes together. We will need easel's, markers.