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Modern Languages alumni news

Grace Wheatley, Class of 2012 French major more...

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Where are they now?

The last time we checked, our alumni were studying, teaching, traveling, and much much more!

  • Fabiola St Hilaire (B.A., Spanish, 2014) will be attending the ISGlobal Barcelona Institute for Global Health - Universitat de Barcelona beginning this September. While at UB, she will be working on her Masters in Global Health and Policy. Her program is a full-time, bilingual, one year intensive program. After graduating from SU, she lived and worked in Honduras.
  • Alison Thoms (M.A.T., French Secondary Education, 2009) has been teaching French full-time at Brooklyn Park Middle School in Anne Arundel County since 2009, and is the designated French teacher for their Performing and Visual Arts Program. 
  • Claire Wilkin (M.A.T., French Secondary Education, 2015) has accepted a full-time French teaching position in the Wicomico County school district.
  • Veronica Petrik (French and Environmental Studies major, 2015) is working at Assateague State Park and has applied to the Peace Corps.
  • Bianca Morales (Spanish Secondary Education, 2014) has accepted a full-time Spanish teaching position in the Montgomery County school district.
  • Natalia Donahue (Spanish major, French minor, 2014) has accepted a Spanish teaching position with St. Margaret’s School in Virginia.
  • Camille St. Regis (English major, French minor, 2013) is an acrylic painter who accepts commissions for her original portraits at She is looking forward to her upcoming Peace Corps assignment.
  • Christine Clemons (French major, 2013) was awarded a scholarship through the French Embassy to teach English as a second language in France during the 2013-2014 academic year.
  • Grace Wheatley (French major, Music minor, 2012) is completing her M.A. in French at Bowling Green State University.
  • Jessica McGinty (French Secondary Education, 2011) is a French teacher in the Frederick county school district in Maryland.
  • Allison Lee (French and International Studies major, 2011) recently earned her M.A. in French from Bowling Green State University.
  • Alison Buchanan (French major, 2011) was awarded a scholarship through the French Embassy to teach English as a second language in France during the 2011-2012 academic year, and is now teaching French at a private school in Indiana.
  • Rachel McGinley (Spanish minor/International Business Administration major, 2010) has been working as an International Operations Representative since June of 2010 at Perdue Farms in Salisbury, MD. Her job involves travel to fascinating places all over the world.
  • Lisa (Delaney) King (Spanish major, 2006) completed her Masters degree in Hispanic literature at Penn State University and now teaches Spanish at Marley Middle School in Glen Burnie, Maryland.
  • Emilie Staubs (French and Philosophy major, 2009) earned her Master’s Degree in French Literature and Culture from Boston College and is a Visiting Instructor of French at the University of Illinois.
  • Ashley Eschenburg (2009, French major, Spanish minor) has just returned from a year-long paid assistantship teaching English to French students in France, and is now teaching French full-time in the Wicomico County school district, as well as completing her Master's of Teaching degree at Salisbury University
  • Angela Hammond (2010, French/TESOL major) is teaching French full-time in the Harford County school district.
  • Nicholas Meyers (Spanish Secondary Education, 2010) accepted a job to teach Spanish I and II at Towson High School in Baltimore County.
  • Jeremy Gould (Spanish and Sociology major, 2009) teaches English at a public high school in Quintero, Chile through the World Teach program.  World Teach is a volunteer program in partnership with Harvard University and the Chilean Ministry of Education.
  • Britannie Davila (Spanish major, 2007) received a degree from Towson University in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She hopes to be a police officer for the NSA.
  • Sarah "Katie" McDermott (Spanish and CADR double major, 2008) has been been accepted into the University of Maryland's  Masters/Spanish Teacher Certification program.
  • Sarah Ullah (French minor, Biology major, 2009) enrolled in medical school at the University of Maryland.
  • Laura (Smith) de Melo (French and International Studies major, Spanish minor, 2008) is a translator and artist whose Caribbean Art paintings and jewelry can be viewed at
  • Simpson Goodman (Spanish, 2009) studied international law at the Mississippi College School of Law in Jackson.
  • Willem Miciche (Spanish minor, Geography major, 2008) accepted an offer to teach Spanish I and II at Anne Arundel County Public Schools. He is also pursuing a Masters Degree in Teaching. 
  • Armando Santiago (Spanish, 2007) and Angelo Torres (Spanish 2006) is working with Angelo at the National Maritime Center in West Virgina. They report that they use Spanish every day in their new jobs.  
  • Benjamin Einsidler (Spanish 2007) was accepted into the Masters Degree program in Hispanic Studies in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Boston College.
  • Eric McLauchlin (French and Pre-law, 1992) works as an attorney with the firm Gessner, Snee, Mahoney, and Lutche, P.A. of Bel Air, MD. He was honored at the 2008 December graduation ceremony by the SU Alumni Association and received the Alumni Service Award. 
  • Elinor (Betsy) Lampo (Spanish major, 2008) was hired as a full-time Spanish teacher of levels 1 and 2 at Great Mills High School in Great Mills, MD. 
  • Caroline Harrison (Spanish major, 2008) was the 2008 student commencement speaker! She teaches Spanish in the Wicomico County School District. 
  • Katie Heird (Spanish major, 2007) See our feature stories!  Katie was accepted to the University of Maryland, Baltimore for a Masters Degree program in Hispanic Studies. 
  • Erin Cooper (Spanish Secondary Education major, 2007) enrolled in a Masters Degree program at the University of Salamanca in Spain.  Erin was our 2007 Outstanding Foreign Language Student award recipient!
  • Mary Bateman (Spanish Secondary Education major, 2006) See our feature stories! Mary teaches Spanish to high school students at the Yongsan International School of Seoul, South Korea. On her return to the U.S., she will pursue a Masters Degree in Guidance Counseling.  
  • Ellie Adelman (Spanish and CADR double major, 2006) travelled to Gambia with the Peace Corps. A world traveler, she participated in the Málaga, Spain program and spent a semester studying in India. Ellie was the student commencement speaker for the 2006 ceremony!
  • Amanda Kinsel (Spanish major, 2006) was accepted into a Masters Degree with a Certificate in Spanish translation at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Amanda was our Outstanding Foreign Language Student award winner in 2006.
  • Frances Barreto (Spanish and English double major, 2006) is a Bilingual Education teacher for the 2nd grade at Forth Worth Independent School district. She also enrolled in a Masters program for counseling at Amberton University.
  • Alison Durgin (Spanish 2006) enrolled in the Masters Degree in Speech Pathology program at Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Lisa Delaney (Spanish and English double major, 2006) spent a year in Bogotá, Colombia teaching English before deciding to come back to the states to pursue her Masters degree in Hispanic Literature at the Pennsylvania State University main campus.  She has lived and worked in Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, and Colombia.  
  • Thomas Limmer (Spanish major, 2005) enrolled in the University of Costa Rica (San José) for a Masters Degree in Communications. He twice participated in the Cuenca, Ecuador program and has traveled extensively throughout Central America.
  • Connie Oxford McGuire (French minor, 1981) recently moved back to the Washington D.C. area. She enjoys attending events at the local Alliance Française and using her French during trips abroad, as well as for reading and translating right here in the U.S.

SU graduate Alexander Loweth (center) teaches English in Almería Spain

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