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Students in the Program will earn four (4) credit hours from SU--though the academic credit earned does not begin to compare with the worth of the experience overall--with the credits awarded via Spanish 309: Summer Program in Spain, which will count toward the Spanish major and minor at SU. Students who will have completed Spanish 202: Spanish in Review or higher at SU, or an equivalent course or higher at another institution, by the beginning of the Program will be eligible to apply.


Program fees for the 2011 will be roughly $4,400 (the exact amount will be determined in Spring 20111).   This price includes all tuition,  room and board in Málaga, Program-organized excursions, including meals, hotel, and -excursion-related transportation, and insurance.  The fees do not cover airfare or personal expenses.    

Program History/Directors

The SU Summer Program in Spain was established by Dr. Keith Brower.   Dr. Brower developed and designed the Program in 2000 in consultation with colleagues at the Universidad de Málaga, served as on-site director through 2004, and served as overall Program Director through 2008.  Dr. Louise Detwiler joined the Program as Assistant Director in 2004, served as on-site director in 2005 and 2007, and served as overall Assistant Program Director through 2008.    Dr. Brian Stiegler served as on-site director in 2006, Dr. Corinne Pubill was on-site director in 2008, and Dr. Emily Story, Assistant Professor of History at SU, was on-site Director in 2010. 

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