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Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities
  • Students talking at the SU Annual Student Research Conference


Engage with topics, ideas, and the overarching questions that guide the spirit of your inquiry. Get started with thinking about your research goals, how they fit into your major and future goals as you go from being a prospective SU student to a freshman to a senior ready to graduate. Get the resources you need to start your research at whichever stage you may be during your undergraduate years at SU. 


Learn how to systematically plan your research and the steps you need to achieve along the way from compliance to planning for appropriate scholarly venues to present your research. 

Plan Your Research

Whether you are an incoming freshman or a graduating senior, plan for Honors College, graduate school, or careers where your research experience makes you a competitive candidate. 

Planning Ahead


Learn about the different research opportunities and programs offered at the Fulton School of Liberal Arts, Henson School for the Sciences, Perdue School of Business, and Seidel School for Education by semester. Explore the opportunities for research, funding, and programs as they are offered during each semester of the academic calendar year. 


Gain valuable advice from and learn about fascinating research being conducted by faculty mentors across different disciplines. Find scholarly student groups and join a community of like-minded students. Connect with award-winning faculty research mentors at Salisbury University.


Find out about the funding opportunities available for undergraduate student researchers and their funding deadlines. Learn about the procedures and deadlines for obtaining compliance for your research. Find out about the conference deadlines to keep in mind for presenting your research at scholarly venues. 

Faculty Who Have Mentored SUSRC and NCUR Presentations

Faculty Name Department
Faculty Name Department
George Summers Accounting and Legal Studies
Somiah Lattimore Art Department
Victoria Pass Art Department
Paul Flexner Art Department
Aaron Hogue Biological Sciences
Ann Barse Biological Sciences
Barbara Pollock Biological Sciences
Claudia Morrison-Parker Biological Sciences
Dana Price Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Emmert Biological Sciences
Eric Liebgold Biological Sciences
Eugene Williams Biological Sciences
Judith Stribling Biological Sciences
Kimberly Hunter Biological Sciences
Les Erickson Biological Sciences
Mark Frana Biological Sciences
Mark Holland Biological Sciences
Patti Erickson Biological Sciences
Philip Anderson Biological Sciences
Reema Persad-Clem Biological Sciences
Ronald Gutberlet Biological Sciences
Ryan Taylor Biological Sciences
Samuel Geleta Biological Sciences
Stephen Gehnrich Biological Sciences
Victor Miriel Biological Sciences
Christopher Briand Biological Sciences
Jessica Clark Biological Sciences
Brian Polkinghorn CADR
Ignaciyas Soosaipillai CADR
Thomas Boudreau CADR
Vitus Ozoke CADR
Alison Dewald Chemistry
Anita Brown Chemistry
Frederick Kundell Chemistry
Katherine Miller Chemistry
Robert Luttrell Chemistry
Seth Friese Chemistry
Stephen Habay Chemistry
Andrew Sharma Communication Arts
Bryan Horikami Communication Arts
Chrys Egan Communication Arts
Dennis Leoutsakas Communication Arts
Haven Simmons Communication Arts
James Burton Communication Arts
Jennifer Cox Communication Arts
Melany Trenary Communication Arts
Vinita Agarwal Communication Arts
Brian Hill Economics and Finance
Dustin Chambers Economics and Finance
Hong Yao Economics and Finance
Jamie Emerson Economics and Finance
Jill Caviglia-Harris Economics and Finance
Jonathan Munemo Economics and Finance
Nancy Michelson Education Specialties
Randall Groth Education Specialties
Adam Wood English
Anjali Pandey English
Christopher Vilmar English
Cynthia Payne English
David Johnson English
Elise Walker English
Ivan Young English
John Kalb English
John Wenke English
Judith Pike English
Loren Marquez English
Lucy Morrison English
Nancy Mitchell English
Thomas Moriarty English
James Hatley Environmental Studies
Michael Lewis Environmental Studies
Tami Ransom Environmental Studies
Maarten Pereboom Fulton School of Liberal Arts
Brent Skeeter Geography
Darren Parnell Geography
Mark DeSocio Geography
Mara Chen Geography and Geosciences
Arthur Lembo Geography and Geosciences
Daniel Harris Geography and Geosciences
Thomas Cawthern Geography and Geosciences
Gwen Beegle Health and Physical Education
Jenny Toonstra Health and Sport Sciences
Kelly Fiala Health and Sport Sciences
Lincoln Gibbs Health and Sport Sciences
Scott Mazzetti Health and Sport Sciences
Timothy Warner Health and Sport Sciences
Diane Davis Health Sciences
Creston Long History
Elizabeth Ragan History
Emily Story History
G. Ray Thompson History
Jason Buroughs History
Jay Carlander History
Jeanne Whitney History
Joseph Venosa History
Kara French History
Kevin Birch History
Kristen Walton History
Linda Dwyer History
Peggy Genvert History
Richard Bowler History
Sarah Case History
Charlotte England Honors
Lauren Hill Honors
Eugene Hahn Information and Decision Sciences
Jing Quan Information and Decision Sciences
Frank Shipper Management and Marketing
Marc Street Management and Marketing
Marvin Brown Management and Marketing
Richard Hoffman Management and Marketing
Donald Spickler Math and Computer Science
Enyue Lu Math and Computer Science
Kathleen Shannon Math and Computer Science
Lee May Math and Computer Science
Lori Carmack Math and Computer Science
Michael Bardzell Math and Computer Science
Randall Cone Math and Computer Science
Sang-Eon Park Math and Computer Science
Steven Hetzler Math and Computer Science
Veera Holdai Math and Computer Science
Xiaohong Wang Math and Computer Science
Mohammad Moazzam Math and Computer Science
Robert Tardiff Math and Computer Science
Melissa Stoner Math and Computer Science
Jathan Austin Math and Computer Science
Aurelie Van de Wiele Modern Languages
Carolina Bown Modern Languages
Corinne Pubill Modern Languages
Elizabeth Curtin Modern Languages
Katherine Hinderer Nursing
Mary DiBartolo Nursing
Tina Reid Nursing
Rita Nutt Nursing
Robert Kirsch Philosophy
Gerardo Vazquez Physics
Jeffrey Emmert Physics
Joseph Howard Physics
Mark Muller Physics
Matthew Bailey Physics
Andrew Pica Physics
Adam Hoffman Political Science
Eric Rittinger Political Science
Michael O'Loughlin Political Science
Roberta Adams Political Science
Sarah Surak Political Science
Cecilia Acocella Psychology
Charisse Chappell Psychology
George Whitehead Psychology
J. Craig Clarke Psychology
Karl Maier Psychology
Kyoung Rae Jung Psychology
Lance Garmon Psychology
Larence Becker Psychology
Mark Walter Psychology
Merideth Patterson Psychology
Michele Schlehofer Psychology
Rhyannon Bemis Psychology
Suzanne Osman Psychology
Thomas Tomcho Psychology
Marta Losonczy-Marshall Psychology
Alfred Witkofsky Psychology
Ernest Bond Psychology
Jason McCartney Psychology
Echo Leaver Psychology
Rachel Buchanan Social Work
Kimberly Van Vulpen Social Work
Diane Illig Sociology
Shawn McEntee Sociology
Timothy Dunn Sociology
Keith Conners Teacher Education
Alexander Pope IV Teacher Education
Leslie Yarmo Theatre and Dance
Mary Norton Theatre and Dance
Paul Pfeiffer Theatre and Dance
Victoria Hutchinson Theatre and Dance
Nichole Munday University Writing Center
Todd Smith Web Office
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