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Announcement to the Campus Community from the University Police

To: All students, faculty and staff
From: University Police
Date: 4/16/2007
Subject: Special Bulletin

This notice is being offered to the campus community as an informational guide for situations such as the tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech. We believe that was an isolated occurrence and there is no reason to panic. This is an informative alert.

Hostile Intruder(s):

When a hostile person(s) is actively causing serious bodily injury/deadly harm or the imminent threat of deadly harm within the campus, we recommend the following procedures be implemented:

  • Lock yourself in your room, office, or classroom.
  • If communication is available, call University Police at Ext. 36222 or dial 911 on a cell phone or blue light phone.
  • If away from your room, join others in a room that can be locked.
  • Do not stay in the open hall.
  • Do not sound the fire alarm. A fire alarm would signal the occupants in the rooms to evacuate the building and thus place them in potential harm as they attempted to exit.
  • Barricade yourself in your room with desks, beds, or anything you can push against the door.
  • Lock your window and close blinds or curtains.
  • Stay away from the window.
  • Turn all lights and audio equipment off.
  • Try to stay calm and be as quiet as possible.
  • If you are caught in the open such as hallways and lounge areas, you must decide what you are going to do. This is a very crucial time and can possibly mean life or death depending on your actions.
  • On the campus grounds, run away from the threat if you can, as fast as you can. If you decide to run, do not run in a straight line. Keep any objects you can between you and the hostile person(s).
  • If caught in an open area your last option may be to fight back. This is dangerous, but depending on your situation, this could be your last option.
  • If you are caught by the intruder and are not going to fight back, obey all commands and do not look the intruder in the eyes.

Once the police arrive, obey all commands. This may involve your being handcuffed or made to put your hands in the air. This is done for safety reasons, and once circumstances are evaluated by the police, they will give you further directions to follow.

Chief Edwin L. Lashley
University Police

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