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Announcement to the Campus Community from Student Affairs

To: Campus community
From: Office of Student Affairs
Date: 4/16/2007
Subject: Announcement to the Campus Community

By now, you’ve probably all heard about the events that took place today at Virginia Tech. A number of students were tragically killed or injured in shootings that took place on the campus. Our hearts go out to the entire Virginia Tech community.

When events like this occur, people have many emotions. SU offers counseling services to any student, faculty, and staff affected by this event. We believe this was an isolated incident and encourage our students to remain calm. Rest assured everyone's safety is foremost in the minds of the administration. Campus Police will follow this e-mail with a special safety bulletin.

For information on counseling and other services, please call the Office of Student Affairs at 410-543-6080 or Student Counseling Services at 410-543-6070.

Ellen J. Neufeldt
Vice President of Student Affairs
Salisbury University